Why is grooming your cat important?

Cat's have a tendency to self groom.  However, most of the time, cats need some extra help to properly groom themselves. This is where you step in! We wanted to give you a list of reason's why grooming your cat is important to help keep you accountable. 

1. Cats, particularly those who are old, suffer from an illness, or have weight issues will experience diminished flexibility at some point in their life. This poses a problem since it's a cat's flexibility that allows them to self groom thoroughly.  In order to help your cats stay clean and well kept its important for you to provide a helping hand. This means reaching the spots your cat can't reach by itself.

2. Grooming is also an important part of building a bond with your cat. A good brushing session feels like a relaxing message to your cat and eliminates excess hair. Your cat is bound to look forward to its grooming sessions. Keeping a consistent grooming schedule means you'll set aside time to give your cat attention.  

3. Grooming your cat helps you monitor their health closer. It allows you to feel any bumps or lumps that seem abnormal. These might be a sign of problems in the future. If you do find abnormalities, we recommend you visit a local veteranarian.

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