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There have been more and more tests showing that cats kept inside can become bored and develop cat depression and other psychological problems. These issues can present themselves in many ways such as destroying furniture or not using litter boxes. In field testing our cat wheel has proven to not only enhance the physical well-being of our cats but altered their disposition to be more relaxed and calm.

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A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and without a stimulating environment, cats—especially indoor cats—get bored quickly. That's why we created our One Fast Cat exercise wheel. The wheel gives cats a safe outlet for energy that would otherwise manifest in destructive or unwanted behaviors, like clawing at the furniture, racing through the halls, or harassing their humans. Being entirely cat-driven, the wheel needs no batteries or power source, and it can be used by the cat without any assistance. Some training will be required—cats do not have a natural instinct to run on a wheel—but once your cat learns how to use their new toy, they'll hop on it throughout the day, usually going for a quick sprint or two every few hours.

In addition to burning off excess energy, the wheel can help burn off extra calories, too. It may take a bit more time and dedication to get a chubby cat running on a regular basis, but once they do, you'll start to see them slim down into their more svelte selves. A One Fast Cat exercise wheel is an excellent tool for keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Our cat wheel design is more advanced than any before it:

  • Smart industrial design allows it to ship or retail in a very small box (34"x12"x12") & weight is: 24 lbs
  • This design also allows for it to be assembled extremely quickly for home use
  • Sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around
  • It is made of recycled plastics
  • Run surface is made from a closed-cell EVA  foam to prevent claws from catching and allowing cats to run naturally using their claws for safe footing
  • Can be cleaned by taking it outside and spraying it with a hose or wiped down with a wet towel
  • Open design so cats can enter from either side
  • NEW - Roller Blade Wheel Covers included free of charge!
  • 48" diameter wheel
  • 34" x 12" base


Before purchasing, please take a moment to confirm that the wheel will fit in your residence and that you have the time to train your cat to it. Most cats require 1-2 months of training before they will take to the wheel, and not all cats will use the wheel on their own. We cannot guarantee that your cat will use our wheel, but consistent training will help most learn to love it.

If you wish to make a return, please note that only an unused and unassembled wheel in the original box can be returned. Wheels are considered assembled once all pieces have been put together and the traction pads have been applied. There is a $50 restocking fee and return postage is not included.

If the wheel arrives with broken or defective parts, there is no need to return it. We offer replacement parts free of charge under our warranty, and all you need to do is send in a photo of the affected parts to receive replacements. If you opt to waive the warranty and return the wheel instead due to broken or defective parts, the standard return policy applies.

Unused wheels can be returned to us within 30 days. To return an unused wheel you will need to obtain an RMA from our contact us form. Wheels sent back without an RMA or in a box other than the original will not be accepted.

We reserve the right to deny refunds to any wheels sent back to us that do not meet the above conditions.


Additional Information:

Weight: 22 lbs

Height: 51 inches 

Width: 48 inches

Depth: 12 inches

Customer Reviews

great! Review by Sabrina
We have a Bengal. The breeder already had a wheel that he used so it didn't take him any time to get used to the one we bought. It was a little squeaky at first but with just a handful of uses, that went away. It's a great tool for him to use to stay active as Bengals can get bored easily. Thank you one fast cat! (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Love it! Would highly recommend it Review by Roro
Great video!!! I Couldn't have done it without it. Tucker loves his wheel. Trained him with the laser pointer now he runs whenever he wants. (Posted on 5/6/2018)
I'm going to die from laughing Review by MLKay
We have four cats. Two fat and lazy. One wild boy. One elderly. Wild Boy, who needs no extra exercise, got it immediately. The two fat ones? Progress has been slow, but always amusing. (Posted on 10/18/2017)
My cats love it! Review by Kim
I have a full house with four indoor only cats that needed a way to burn off some energy. We have lots of other toys and play with them often but it was not enough for my active bunch and when I saw the cat exercise wheel I just had to get it.
The wheel arrived ahead of schedule and assembly was very straight forward and easy. It does take more force to snap into place then I expected, especially when getting the last ends of the track to meet. Don't be afraid to give it some elbow grease and use the mallet provided.
All of my cats started using the exercise wheel the first day, they love it! All but one of my cats was food motivated and the other took to it right away after getting out the laser pointer.
After the first day two of my cats would use it with out encouragement and the rest started using it without help after two days.
I love the cat wheel and have every intention of getting another since my cats have started not wanting to share it.
My only complaint would be that the outside of the wheel does not look the best but I understand it's functional and keeps the weight down. (Posted on 9/4/2017)
Once assembled it's the coolest thing ever! Review by Byrdie
I really can't even tell you how much joy this thing has brought to me and my cat. I live in a high-rise in Dallas, TX. Years ago , I worked with feral cat rescue groups but it was so hard emotionally. I went for years without any pets until a couple months ago . I was watching cable news early one morning and I heard sounded like a baby crying . It was raining hard and I went out on my patio and there was a cat on the wall . I don't know if this cat fell from 16 stories or 2 . I put up signs and nobody claimed her but now she's mine forever. I named her Ladybird but she answers to Byrdie:)
I work on film sets and I was worried about the long days away . I was worried Byrdie would be bored and depressed all day long so I went ahead and purchased the onefastcat wheel. I was grateful for the coupon code and just pushed the button and bought it . II'm really so glad I did . The shipment was fast, but to be honest with you it remained in the box for a minute until a friend came over to help me . We watched the video you have on your website twice and it really was super helpful . Byrdie is so much happier now ! She sings when she's on it ! I can't even tell you how much joy your product has brought to my
household. Thank you so very much . It really is so great :) (Posted on 8/31/2017)
Mixed breed used it by herself within an hour! Review by Ciara
Purchased a One Fast Cat wheel for my very active indoor crossbreed. I was hesitant as to whether she'd use it but as she is young (a year old) and never sleeps (!!) I thought I would give it a try. We assembled it together - I would advise watching the instructional video which made the whole thing really simple. I left it assembled in the room with her for about a half hour so she could get used it - she wasn't phased by it so I thought I'd put her onto it and used toys to get her to take a few steps - again not at all phased. After a few minutes that concluded the days 'training' on the wheel. I assumed I would be training her for weeks and weeks to use it however within the next hour she started hopping up on it herself and going for little walks. She's been using it a week now multiple times a day by herself. The wheel itself has a lovely build - feels sturdy and yet is light enough to be lifted and moved. She's only used it a week now but already I've noticed an increase in her fitness (she needs longer on the wheel or playing with toys before she gets tired) and I suspect it's going to make her muscles firmer as she's slightly less squishy already. Really glad I purchased the wheel and would highly recommend! (Posted on 8/24/2017)
Tigger Approved Review by Stephanie
Tigger received his wheel yesterday, very quick delivery. We just put it together for him, assembly took all of 20 minutes like video showed. No problems, very simple to assemble!

The entire time my husband was putting it together Tigger would sniff it and run away, he is a 9 week old f3 Savannah Cat. To be honest I was getting worried he would be scared of it. As soon as it was up I used his favorite feather wand like the training video showed and off he went. In a matter of minutes no toy was needed to entice him. Tigger is now resting from all the running!

This wheel is the best money we have spent on him next to his cat walk tube. This wheel is the perfect size, I have no doubt he will be using it for a long, long time!

Thank You One Fast Cat for a Great Wheel at a price we could afford!!! (Posted on 4/29/2017)
Fast and easy Review by Danielle
when we got the wheel it was slightly chipped and was a pain in the ass to put the pieces together. once together it took my moms cat about 24 hours to get the hang of it and run on it by his self. now and he loves it. (Posted on 4/4/2017)
A hit! Review by Arlene
By day two, four out of my seven cats were using the wheel--three of them on their own, without a laser or any other inducement (including one cat who's overweight). I would not have believed it! (Posted on 4/16/2015)

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Danny Runs on the Wheel:

Assembling the Cat Exercise Wheel:

Sean assembles a Generation 4 cat wheel. This video is uncut to aide in the assembly of your cat's wheel. We updated the assembly video on 12/19/2016 to showcase design features in this product iteration.
Duration: 21 minutes 46 seconds.

Training Your Cat to the Exercise Wheel:

Amberlee shows us two methods of cat training: treat and toy training.
Duration: 13 minutes 6 seconds