Made in USA

Cat Exercise Wheel

Watch your cat thrive with the Cat Exercise Wheel,
designed to improve their well-being while
providing endless fun.
Giant Cat Tree

Climb. Scratch. Sleep.

Bring nature home by encouraging their tree-climbing
skills within the safety of your home.

Trusted by 150,000+

Cat Parents Worldwide

Prevent destructive
and unwanted behaviors.

Reduce stress and anxiety
through mental stimulation.

Burn excess energy, build
muscle, and control weight.

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New Gen. 6
Cat Exercise Wheel

A safe and innovative way to promote an active lifestyle for cats.

Climb. Scratch. Sleep.
Giant Cat Tree

Bring nature home by encouraging their natural tree-climbing skills within the safety of your home.

Training Kit
Cat Laser Wand

An enticing fun to help get your energetic cat running on our exercise wheel.

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Why Didn't We Do This Sooner?

Cat had major zoomies, and regardless of how much play he got, would not calm down at night. Got the wheel, set it up (easy peesy), and after about 6 hours of him sniffing around it, enticed him onto it and got him running. And he ran, and he ran, and he ran on and off for several hours. So far, we can’t ask for more.

Jim G. | Verified Buyer



Satisfied Kitty & Owners

Easy assembly. Bigger than expected, however, after 3 days, our cat is using it on her own. She enjoys releasing her little bursts of energy. We are very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend! Cost comparable to others on the market is well worth it for the ease of assembly.

Jessica M. | Verified Buyer



Best purchase ever!

My cats took this right away! They use it all the time now. So glad I decided to make this purchase. Very easy to assemble. Hardest part was placing the sticky mats down perfectly aligned, but with a little patience, it went well.

Nicole C. | Verified Buyer



Great product for high-energy cats

My Sphynx, Peanut, has lots of energy, and since I live in an apartment, I figured having a way for him to run and use up some of that energy would be good for him. He took to it rather quickly and seems to enjoy using it anytime he has an energy outburst or sometimes just because. Wheel was easy enough to put together, and it’s also easy enough to keep clean.

Michael H. | Verified Buyer



My cats love the new upgraded wheel!

My cats love their new and upgraded cat wheel! And so do I! It’s more sleek than my previous one and has a very smooth range of motion.

Vanessa V. | Verified Buyer


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