One Fast Cat

Based in the sunny hills of Southern California, One Fast Cat is a small company of animal lovers dedicated to making the lives of pets happier and healthier through innovative, environmentally-friendly products.

We made it happen.

It all started back in 2014, with a humble Kickstarter campaign aiming to enrich the lives of indoor cats. We offered up an exercise wheel design that was safe, lightweight, and affordable, and the response from pet parents was absolutely phenomenal! We blew past our goal of $10,000 within seven hours and ultimately exceeded it 30 times over, raising more than $340,000 in less than a month.

Now, ten years and five generations later, we’ve made safe indoor exercise possible for over 140,000 cats worldwide.

Injection molding machinery in a clean and well-lit warehouse
We put our pets first.

At One Fast Cat, we love our pets—and we love our home, too! We’re committed to sustainable practices, and we’re always working hard to find new ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Instead of synthetic carpet, our Giant Scratching Post and Giant Cat Tree both use biodegradable sisal sleeves woven from 100% all-natural agave plant fibers, while the ABS plastic used for our Cat Exercise Wheel is fully recyclable. That means any miscast, damaged, or returned pieces can be ground down, melted, and given new life as fresh parts, rather than being sent to a landfill.