Now Shipping to: AU, CAN, EU, JPN, & USA!

We're very proud to announce our international distribution partners and dealers!

Cats all over the world are demanding the Cat Exercise Wheel, and these strategic partnerships allow us to cooperate with your cats' demands. Below find a list of our overseas dealers.




Contact: Samantha & Cassie




Bundu Bengals

Contact: Adriana


Bengals Australia

Contact: Chris

Phone: (03) 5978-6962




Cat's Shop

Contact: Pedro

Phone: (31) 3224-8525 / (31) 9538-0876



       FDB - Shops

       Contact:  Mark & Heika

To find out how to become an international dealer of the One Fast Cat™ - Cat Exercise Wheel please email [email protected] or call us at 844-335-8858 during business hours.