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Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

It's a 10!

My two Sphynx love this wheel. One cat took to it immediately and wouldn't quit. My other cat didn't care about the wheel for about 3-4 days, so one evening I plopped her on the wheel and she ran ALL EVENING! Lol! This wheel is great for them, but we also get just as much enjoyment watching our girls run as fast as they can. I have recommended this wheel to everyone I know on Instagram. I'm sure you've seen a spike in sales to Sphynx owners. Lol!

Cat Lover: Jenni Bee, Aug 12, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Brother and Sister Pair Love the Wheel

We bought the wheel for our brother and sister pair of one-year-old cats. Assembly was easy after I watched the truly useful video, which I highly recommend because it illustrates how everything snaps in place. One Fast Cat states that it may take some cats at least 30 days to learn how to use the wheel. Our girl, who is smart, curious and adventurous, took less than a day to start running in it. Now, although the initial thrill has worn off, she still gets in several times a day and walks in it. The boy, who is smart and curious but super cautious about anything new in his surroundings, has yet to set paw on it. Time will tell whether eventually, with some cajoling, he'll take the plunge. At any rate, we're very happy with this well-constructed, well-functioning, and good-looking piece of cat furniture.

Cat Lover: Evelin S. , Aug 1, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

SO happy!

Sabrina is just a yr old, and had LOTS of energy! I used the videos to help get Sabrina adjusted to the wheel. Within 24hrs she started using it on her own! She had built up her endurance, sometimes she all out sprints! Other times she casually walks on it. She's calmer, doesn't bolt around the house as much. I'm really happy I got this!

Cat Lover: Sabrina, Jul 30, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Kadillac just received the Cadillac of cat toys .....

Received the cat wheel last week professionally double boxed. Laid out the pieces, clicked on the video with my phone scan, and boom ... done! Extremely easy to assemble. Video was great and pieces bubble wrapped in sleeves so no issues whatsoever. Our 4 year old Bengal did some walking each day and in the past three days he is going on by himself without coaxing. I did as the video suggested and laid the wheel on the floor so the cat could check it out before putting it vertical on the rollers. We are happy with it after week one. Would give 5 stars but it looks unfinished .... the outside of the wheel is grid and of course this is highly visible. If it was smooth it would look better and easier to clean. I am sure there are customers who would have to put the wheel in their livingrooms etc and a more finished look would have been nice. Surprised this was not done. Other than that, good job!!

Cat Lover: Patricia , Jul 30, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Cheetah / Leopard

She loves it!

It took one day with a laser pointer to get my cat to try it, and now she uses it frequently without the pointer. I often hear her upstairs doing her workout many times throughout the day. She seems fascinated by the leopard pattern as it moves--I would recommend that over the solid. I believe it helps that she is a very young cat so took to it quickly (my older still just sits to the side and watches her on it quizzically).

Cat Lover: Roberta, Jul 29, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

So much joy to watch

Within a few minutes of putting our wheel together, one of our four cats got on the wheel and started using it! We have owned the wheel for about a month now and two out of our four cats LOVE the wheel. We hear them use it frequently, and they seem to get a lot of joy out of it. We are really happy we bought it and love watching them use it.

Cat Lover: Shawna, Jul 28, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


Donald the Flame Point Siamese kitten rescue (well, he's 9 months..) on the wheel, followed by Donald running up the log wall. Melania the Seal Point Siamese rescue also puts in an appearance <3 Both he and Melania will use it for exercise evne when we are not around.. we hear this thing rumbling from upstairs! LINK TO VIDEO

Cat Lover: Caroline Snyder, Jul 21, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Back in Zulee's Good Graces!

My cat Zulee Bleu and I moved from MN to WA State; we left behind her original wheel from the Kickstarter campaign, donating it to the cat club in the coop we lived in. She LOVED that wheel, would run all hours of the day and night and it was a clearly disappointing for her to not have it anymore! Prior to leaving I had taken ZB to the vet for a checkup and he commented that most cats don't stay the same weight and she is always seven pounds, period. What are you doing differently, he asked? I told him about and suggested he check it out ~ he may have already bought one for their cats at home. I keep spreading the word. We moved into our new place and once I placed her on the big surprise, she took a good run on it and has been enjoying it ever since. She clearly loves the 'wild child' leopard print this time and I'm back in her good graces...

Cat Lover: LeAnn A. , Jul 18, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


Sophie is an extreme busybody, and just a little cat grass got her on the wheel the first day, she loves it, and it looks so cool too!

Cat Lover: Sophie, Jul 10, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Smallest of three just loves her wheel

I have three rescue bengals - mama and two kids. All were interested in the construction (and the boxes!) but it was the smallest who took to it almost immediately. I used a feather toy to get her on to the wheel and get her moving. After a few tries she was off. Initially I think that she was trying her darndest to get to the very top of the wheel but now runs for the sake of running. She is on it several times a day. Her brother hasn't had much of a chance to learn to run on it as his sister keeps shoving him off. Mama cat won't go near it, except for once when she tried to snatch the little one off it in mid-run

Cat Lover: Giselle, Jul 2, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great investment

Received the wheel about three weeks before our 2 Bengals were old enough to come home. We have 2 older Siamese who just looked at it and walked away. The day the kittens came home they were both on it and running full tilt. They absolutely love it. I have to reset the wheel every so often because they both try to run on it at the same time. This usually results in one falling off and pushing against the side of the wheel which offsets it just enough to make noise when used. It has been over 3 months and the older cats won't touch it. The kittens use it daily. Well worth the price.

Cat Lover: Paul, Jul 1, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Your cat will love it!

I am very pleased with my One Fast Cat cat wheel as are my two kittys. We've trained them to run using a feather wand and now they run almost day and night. I hear them running as I'm going to sleep. They run very fast! One funny thing they do is get the wheel spinning quickly then hold onto the wheel padding and fly almost to the top of the wheel and then release ...and fly across the room! Its as funny to see as it is to hear. Get the wheel, train your cat, sit back and enjoy..

Cat Lover: [email protected], Jul 1, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

None of our 3 cats would use it. We tried!

We really, REALLY wanted our three cats to love this wheel--- especially our two indoor cats, age 5 and age 10 respectively. After about 3 weeks of trying--- and we did a training session with this every day--- we were able to get the 10-year old to take a few steps on the wheel. But she is a small cat and she just didn't appear to have the body weight/strength necessary to keep it turning. The other indoor cat, and our outdoor cat, just wouldn't play along at all. Lest we forget--- they're cats. We get the distinct impression from the videos that some breeds of cats take to this device readily, while others...well, we hope you have better luck than us. We have no issue with the overall quality of the device itself. But we have also discovered there's very little market for barely-used cat wheels on CraigsList. A painful $200 loss.

Cat Lover: ktg, Jul 1, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

One Out of Two

I've been aware of the One Fast Cat wheel for many years and finally took the plunge to buy one for our kitty brothers soon after their first birthday. "Ali" (Muhammad Ali) has taken to the wheel, "Rosey" (Rosey Grier) still observing from the sidelines. They are definitely treat driven and after only 4 days of training Ali hoped on! I was stunned! I expected to need many more days if not weeks of training! Now I hear Ali on the wheel on his own. Sometimes it's early in the early morning hours, but the wheel is relatively quiet and in a separate room, so it really is fine. We haven't given up on Rosey he has put his two front paws on it!

Cat Lover: AmyBMel, Jun 27, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Exceeded our Expectations

Your product (“One Fast Cat”) vastly exceeded our expectations. 1: Whereas the competition were heavy and in the $400 to $900 range, yours is light and around $200. In terms of durability yours is terrific; in terms of appearance yours is the best; in terms of quietness of operation (if correctly assembed, which means getting over some minor deficiencies in the assembly-video) yours also is terrific (not clunky-sounding when the wheel is spinning, such as I would have expected); so, in all ways, yours is probably the best by far, and is also certainly the least expensive by far, and is therefore the only intelligent choice — vastly the best-value on the market. One doesn’t expect the least expensive to be also the best quality, but it certainly is the case here. 2: Yours is accompanied by an excellent assembly-instruction-video online. The only flaws I recollect regarding it are that there should have been some camera-close-ups in several stages of the assembly, and some warnings of things to double-check at various stages, in order to show crucial construction-details that one needs to understand in order to avoid potential snafus or suboptimal assembly. 3: When we received ours, there was a defect on one of the pads (and also a minor defect on another of them) that is to be attached to the treadmill-area; and, so, since those pads are fragile, I would advise you to include at least one or two extra ones in order to reduce greatly the possibility that the user will run into any problem. We were able to overcome the problem, but there should be at least one extra pad, so as to reduce the likelihood. (I am presuming here that each pad costs you only pennies.) The planning and intelligence and integrity that went into your product are extraordinary. We would unqualifiedly recommend your product to anyone who wants a cat-treadmill. We haven’t yet (it’s now a week out) gotten even one of our four cats to actually be using the device, but we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly anyway, and, if it should turn out that none of our cats ever will use it, then we’ll happily donate it to the local humane society, animal shelter, because we donate to them anyway; and, regardless, this $200 would probaly produce far more cat-happiness there than it would here; so, we’d be happy to do that. All success to you; you certainly deserve it!!!

Cat Lover: Eric Z, Jun 13, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Our cats' favorite thing

This was $200 very well spent. Our indoor-only cats love running on the wheel for treats. We've had the wheel for about 14 mos., they beg to use it throughout each and every day; I usually do 2-3 sessions with them daily. I'm sure there are some cats that will ignore it, but it was an instant hit in our home. They eat little treats out of my fingers as they run, sometimes the two in tandem. Fun for the cats, fun for us, and for me it was even fun to assemble. Just now ordering replacement traction pads (leopard skin), because the kitties also love gripping and clawing at it, providing more active engagement. A brilliant product.

Cat Lover: Richieboy, Jun 4, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My Bengals Love It !

My two Bengals love it ! They both use it all the time. My other kitten a (Calico), not interested at all. Although I think it is constructed very well, I find it to be a bit noisy. All considered, I am very satisfied. Thank you !

Cat Lover: Joe, Jun 4, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

not acclimated yet

I cannot get her on the wheel yet

Cat Lover: jlasker99, Jun 2, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Cheetah / Leopard

It works fine, My cat's enjoying it

The wheel was pretty easy to assemble, but the plastic had some smell, so we decided not to push our cats until the smell would go. And it did, after a week or so. Meanwhile, the cats got used to the presence of the wheel in our family room. I started getting the cats inside the wheel by offering them treats, teasing with a laser and so on. It didn't work, to be honest. But one day, our older cat (2 years) started rolling the wheel - first, with his front paws, and then with all four legs. I rewarded him with treats, but even without treats, the cat seems to enjoy the wheel - he is extremely proud of himself - he was the first cat who figured out how to run there, and the other two (they are usually quicker and pick new things first) were watching him running in a sort of shock :) All and all, the wheel works fine, and my cats are very happy with it.

Cat Lover: Eugenia, Jun 1, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


As the keeper of two young, highly active Cornish Rex, the wheel has been awesome. Within ten minutes they were acclimated and jogging in turns our together. It's used daily without any prompting.

Cat Lover: Darn, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great for Active Cats!

We have 5 Cats and the youngest one ALWAYS wants to play with her "Da Bird". We work a decent amount but always try to squeeze some extra play in for the Crazy Kitten "Kaylee" but it never seemed like enough. I saw this wheel and HAD to buy it, I was nervous Kaylee wouldn't use it but figured it was worth a shot. It arrived well packaged, was wicked easy to put together and took Kaylee NOT EVEN 5 Minutes to be interested in it enough to use it. Now she jumps on it and runs whenever she's bored. The other 4 cats probably won't use the wheel because they really are lazy souls, I have seen one eyeballing it so who knows. Personally, if you have an active, smart cat, this will probably work. If your cat seems to be on the Mellow, Lazy Chill kinda side then it might not work out.

Cat Lover: MJG1983, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

A great product

We had a homemade cat wheel previously. My cat loved it, took to it straight away. Unfortunately, his back claws got caught in the carpet tread and he fell and would not get on the wheel again. I got this new cat wheel from One Fast Cat and love the stability and construction. My cat is still "gun-shy" even after a month. I taped up paper to the exterior of the wheel in hopes that it would be a "little less open" thinking it would "feel more safe too him" I will continue to be patient and keep trying to entice him onto it. He is one of those cats that "it has to be his idea" .

Cat Lover: Penny, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

They love it

I have two Bengal cats and they love the wheel. They try to run on it at the same time. Maybe I should've gotten two, haha.

Cat Lover: ErickaH, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great investment!

I bought the One Fast Cat for my little boy Mist. He was an orphan at 10 days when I rescued him (over 2 years ago) and is often prone to anxiety and destructive behavior, namely scratching walls. I wanted to have something that would distract him and help him relax when we move to our new apartment, since scratching walls is a big no no! He starting using the wheel on his own in less than a week, probably because I trained him using freeze dried salmon. He no longer scratches the wall, but goes for the traction pads on the wheel in addition to running, so I will be replacing them more often than I thought but is completely worth it. The wheel does make a but of noise but it is not very loud(I can subtly hear it from a room right below it. For a comparison, the wheel is much quieter than a vacuum cleaner and a dish washer but is about as loud as a high efficiency front load washer on spin) , which will be good for my apartment neighbors. It was also easy to assembly, in about 20 min. Since Mist loves the wheel so much, I have been recommending the One Fast Cat to all of my friends who have cats.

Cat Lover: Gabby, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Best thing ever!

Our kitten couldn't even wait for it to be put together. As soon as she saw it she wanted to get in an investigate. The inside foam pads weren't even on yet, and she was already starting to walk/trot on it. She typically races her marathons in the middle of the night; however, she still gets on it throughout the day. I was initially hesitant on spending this kind of $$ on a "toy" for her...not anymore! It was definitely money well spent!

Cat Lover: Poxi, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Sphynx owner

Good quality, my two boys love it after they learned!

Cat Lover: Jaden, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Blue

An excellent product

I have thirteen cats. I armed the wheel last Friday, immediately one of my cats got up and started to play the others watched. To this day when I have had little time at home, there are six cats playing in it, although of course, sometimes I wake up at four in the morning by the noise of the wheel, but it does not matter if they enjoy it. I like it a lot, and I hope my fat cat starts using it

Cat Lover: Soledad, May 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Black

Tigger Approved

Tigger received his wheel yesterday, very quick delivery. We just put it together for him, assembly took all of 20 minutes like video showed. No problems, very simple to assemble! The entire time my husband was putting it together Tigger would sniff it and run away, he is a 9 week old f3 Savannah Cat. To be honest I was getting worried he would be scared of it. As soon as it was up I used his favorite feather wand like the training video showed and off he went. In a matter of minutes no toy was needed to entice him. Tigger is now resting from all the running! This wheel is the best money we have spent on him next to his cat walk tube. This wheel is the perfect size, I have no doubt he will be using it for a long, long time! Thank You One Fast Cat for a Great Wheel at a price we could afford!!!

Cat Lover: Stephanie, Apr 29, 2017

Product: Cat Bed Bolstered

Great Bed!

Excellent quality. Just what I was looking in comfy cat bed. All 2 of my girls love them too :)

Cat Lover: JosephL, Apr 28, 2017

Product: Cat Bed Orthopedic

I like this bed!

The bed arrived exactly as expected! We have a three year old cat who has early onset of hip dysplasia and needed a quality orthopedic cat bed. I researched for nearly 2 weeks before finding this company and was extremely impressed with the materials that they used. Our cat not only loves the bed but now prefers that over sleeping on mine, and he is very much a spoiled cat so that should say something!

Cat Lover: Angel223, Apr 28, 2017

Product: Cat Bed Slim

Great fabric on this bed!

The Cat slim bed is amazing. My crazy maine Coone would only sleep in this bed. Great product

Cat Lover: Steve, Apr 28, 2017

Product: Cat Bed Slim

Awesome cat bed

So Far so good! Drake loves the bed, and it is still holding it's shape after some time now!! It's very easy to dust off the dirt as well. =) Thank you guys!

Cat Lover: LarryS1988, Apr 28, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Customer Service

We first thought about buying the Cat Wheel back in Mid March but alas, One Fast Cat was out of inventory. No worries - they would send me an email when the units were available....and they did! We ordered that same day and we received our unit within two days. Talk about easy and painless. Product arrived double boxed...outer cardboard box with the professionally packaged unit in its own box inside. This is the kind of attention to detail I like! Can't wait to get home and put the wheel together tonight. Oh, had a problem ordering additional trackpads later, and even though the issue was on my end (darn Firefox browser), One Fast Cat responded almost immediately. Another check mark for good customer service. More later.......

Cat Lover: SN, Apr 21, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Black

Fast and easy

when we got the wheel it was slightly chipped and was a pain in the ass to put the pieces together. once together it took my moms cat about 24 hours to get the hang of it and run on it by his self. now and he loves it.

Cat Lover: Danielle, Apr 4, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Cheetah / Leopard

Fantastic & Fun for my Highlander kittens!

This is the best money I have spent on my Highlander kittens. As soon as I had it fully operational on the floor the kittens (3) were trying it out. I really did not have to show them much to get them going....took to it like a bee to honey! Highlanders are a high-energy breed so this vigorous running is great to build their sleek muscles and expend all the extra energy they have. They sleep longer at night and do not want to hang out in my antiques as much! They are only 7 months old but I expect them to use this as long as they are able. I really think they like to show off their prowess as I come near...when they see me approaching they jump on the wheel and begin to lope on it. Two of them are actually learning to run together. A beautiful sight to watch...really shows off the grace of your cat!!!

Cat Lover: Jane H., Mar 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Green

Best Purchase I've Made for my Cats

I have 4 cats. Three are older and and the newest isn't even a year old yet. I bought the wheel as a way for the yougest to expel his extra energy. After watching the training videotape a guide, my cat was eager to learn and was walking on the wheel on his own after just a few days. Now he runs on it throughout the day and likes to swing in it as it settles. The older cats are taking more time and patience but I have gotten them walking on the wheel a little. This wheel was worth the money and I'm so glad I got it. It's sturdy and easy to put together and move around. I love it!

Cat Lover: Julia, Mar 31, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Blue

My cat loves it! So do I.

I have a rather large, male British/Russian Blue, Oatus. Although he showed interest in the wheel immediately, it took ten days for him to achieve a full out run: Now he enjoys getting on the wheel several times per day on his own. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a great value and I am very happy to have one. Thanks for making such a needed product. Darren Flagg

Cat Lover: SnowPants, Mar 29, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Youngest Cat Definitely Uses It

Purchased a wheel a few weeks ago. My youngest cat has definitely taken to using it, actually very protective of it, and refuses to "share" with our other cats! Sometimes, I hear the wheel going round at various times of the day, so I know she is using it... with and without treats! I wish she would make room for the others, as I would like to start training them, too (one cat is tipping the scales at over 25 lbs and really needs the exercise!) It has been fun watching little Mitzy, and it truly has been a great idea. I have recommended this to both my vets - who did not know it even existed, and also at my local petshop. Thanks again for a really fun product. (Please do not share my full name online. Thank you.)

Cat Lover: Mary R , Mar 16, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Late Night Runner

I have to admit that I had my doubts that our 6 month-old Bengal, Lily, would take any interest in the wheel. However, after 2 or 3 weeks of occasional coaxing with dangly toys and friendly encouragement, she took to a fairly consistent routine of nightly walks interspersed with bouts of full tilt running. Her walks usually commence between 9:00 and 10:00 pm and can continue, intermittently, to past midnight. Since we keep the wheel in the entry hallway, it's usually quite dark at that time of night, but she prefers the hallway darkened for her exercise. As a result, it has been difficult to capture her on video, since the presence of a human or the turning on of a light tend to distract and interrupt her. Summing up, the "One Fast Cat" wheel has provided an effective outlet for dissipating Lily's late night energy, one which she seems to thoroughly enjoy.

Cat Lover: Eric G, Feb 22, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Green

Excellent, well built product my cats enjoy

My kitten runs on the wheel by herself for fun. My older kitty sits by the wheel in the evening waiting for me to give her treats while she walks. The product is very well made and easy to assemble. Both my cats were comfortable using it in about two days. I highly recommend this product especially for anyone that has a cat that likes to run around the house.

Cat Lover: KittyPal, Feb 21, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

cats love it ,but assembling was very difficult

I have a small cat rescue, and decided to get a wheel for them to help get them more active while waiting for adoption because some of the older cats are staring to gain weight as some have been with me for a while. I gave this four stars because of the difficulty I had putting this together. Even with the video online I almost threw it away because I was so frustrated. I AM GLAD I DIDN'T throw it away because almost all of my cats are now using it. Some started on their own and some needed help learning and a couple want nothing to do with it. I have all ages sizes and breeds.I am considering buying a second one because it is being used and fought over constantly. I WOULD RECOMMEND this for everyone who has indoor cats because this is a great way for the cats to let out some energy. Also make sure you wait before posting a bad review saying my cat does not want anything to do with it , it may take a while for them to get comfortable with it and you may have to help them learn how to use it, don't expect them to just jump right on it.

Cat Lover: Ashley M, Feb 17, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

definitely be a fixture at every animal shelter.

I ordered the kitty treadmill as a “present” for the non-profit animal shelter I am the president of here in small town Cuero, Texas, Pet Adoptions of Cuero. From the minute we put it in our cat “viewing” room, the cats got on it all by themselves. We usually leave 4 or 5 adult cats in the room that is filled with toys and cat trees and before we knew it they were using it 2 at a time or even bumping off another cat so they could jump on it. I thought we might have to wave a feathery toy on a stick to get them in the hang of it – but no – our smarty cats got on it all by themselves. I highly recommend the product for anyone who has some bored cats and it should definitely be a fixture at every animal shelter.

Cat Lover: Linda A. , Feb 14, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My cat LOVES his treadmill!

My cat LOVES his treadmill! It only took a week before he was using it on his own. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and hear him on it (he likes to howl at the part above his head as he runs

Cat Lover: Tonya S , Jan 27, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


I absolutely love it! My cats were on it the first day! My big boy talks while he is walking. My cats are affection driven and it was so easy to get them to walk on it. Assembly was a cinch. I did it by myself (well with my main coons help) the video took me longer to watch than it did for me to assemble. Thank you so much for this product.

Cat Lover: Jennifer , Jan 13, 2017

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Energetic 2 year old female F2 Bengal

I have a very energetic 2 year old female F2 Bengal. She use to run around the house endlessly knocking things off the cabinet as often as she could. Now she runs on the wheel for 1-5 minutes every few hours even at night when she wakes up she goes for a run. I am very happy with this purchase, before I got the wheel I would play with her as often as possible, but she was still energetic and it made her anxious when I would leave for work. She would pull all the hair off her tail because she was bored (even though she has two other cats to play with). Since I have gotten the wheel she has stopped pulling her hair and now just plays on the wheel instead. At first she didn't want anything to do with the wheel, as I have never used treats with her she had no interest in that, I tried using her favorite toy to no avail. I just started sitting her on the wheel in the morning and at night and I would pet her and spin the wheel by hand. After about two weeks of this she would go to the wheel for attention and I would pet her. Then one day I was spinning the wheel and she was walking on it for almost 10 minutes and I just stopped spinning it and she kept it turning. As soon as she realized she had figured it out she just took off running on it.

Cat Lover: Ryan H. , Jan 10, 2017

Product: Cats in Cubes - Single Kit

building was super easy, and its sturdy

Item arrived on time. Aa soon as my cat seen me building it, he already wanted to be on it!! Which by the way, building was super easy, and its sturdy! Cant wait to get another set and expand my cats place house! Review Origin: Amazon

Cat Lover: Myra559, Dec 20, 2016

Product: Cats in Cubes - Single Kit

This was easy to put together

This was easy to put together, and is sturdy. Seems to be able to withstand the weight of your average cat. I had one little issue with a panel - the plastic covering the metal rod split when I dropped the panel on the hardwood floor. I had to hide that end by keeping it on the bottom edge of an inside cube. Now, I just have to get my cats to use their new cubicle. Review Origin: Amazon

Cat Lover: Once Burned, Dec 20, 2016

Product: Cats in Cubes - Triple Kit

Customize your cat furniture

This product allows fantastic creativity and functionality for the price. With the three kit set we made stairs to my son's loft bed and a kitty condo in our kitchen. Our kitty is quite comfortable as you can see! It was an easy and fun project to put together. The only improvements I'd make would be a nicer fabric and pad for the bed and hammock, and a way to attach the scratch pad at an angle so it's more functional for the cat. We love this, great idea! Review Origin: Amazon

Cat Lover: Amazon Customer, Dec 20, 2016

Product: Cats in Cubes - Triple Kit

This creative twist on cat furniture is fantastic. First of all

This creative twist on cat furniture is fantastic. First of all , it comes with beds, hammocks, and scratchers! My 3 cats are having a blast with it. It was really easy to put together (no tools). The pieces fit together without much trouble and its really sturdy once everything is connected. We actually had fun putting it together. I chose not to follow any directions and built a construction that fit the space I had designated for a new piece of furniture. I decided to build mine 4 levels high with staggered platforms on each level. My cats love going in and out of the different entrances, popping out on different levels and lounging on the top of it. I put mine near the window so they could look out and see the crazy squirrels around my house. It didn’t take long for this to become the favorite spot in the house. So far my cats have gotten great use out of the beds and cardboard scratchers (my cats love cardboard!). I would highly recommend this product to single or multi cat homes and I can be certain that Kitty, Lucy, and Sammy would recommend this as well. I bought the gray version which fits the decor of my house perfectly. Excellent product! Review Origin: Amazon

Cat Lover: SRV, Dec 20, 2016

Product: Cats in Cubes - Single Kit

Solid product for the price

I was in need of something that would allow my cat somewhere to sleep, but also place his food up high enough that my dogs couldn't eat it. He's large enough that most cat trees are too small, too large for my room, or way too expensive to work. I decided to take a chance and buy two kits, and I have to say that after a week, I'm very pleased, and so is my cat. He's over 20lbs, so he's not a dainty little thing, and the cubes support him jumping on and off of them better than I expected. They do sink in a tiny bit, but that's to be expected with the type of material the panels are made of (a thin, but durable plastic). The soft little pad provided has no way of sticking to the frame, so it's best in an enclosed space to keep it from sliding around. I happened to have some velcro laying about, so I used that to give my cat a plush pad up top to sit on while he eats (and sleeps, apparently). The hammock...I didn't even try. That's not going to hold my cat, but I didn't buy it for that. The scratch pad is okay. Again, nothing to keep it in place, so it's probably not a good idea to place it like they have in the picture unless you can secure it. There are not enough open frame pieces. Two per kit?? My guy barely fits in the circle pieces, so I would prefer to use open frame pieces in a lot of the interior spaces to give him lots of room. At least one more per kit would be good. The last thing I want to mention is assembly. It's really your decision on how you put it together, and there's not really any instructions, so I would plan how you're going to place things beforehand. Once you get a cube or two secured, it's a royal pain to go back and make changes. If a corner piece pops out of place, it's almost impossible to get it back in without completely disassembling and starting over. Overall, my cat is very happy with this product, so I'm happy with it. I'd be interested in buying again for sure. Review Origin: Amazon

Cat Lover: M. Day, Dec 20, 2016

Product: Cats in Cubes - Triple Kit

Great Idea! Fun for both people and cats.

A truly novel cat structure idea. My cats love it and we had lots of fun designing a u inquest space for them. We built a tunnel up and over our piano that now looks more like a cat castle. It seems light weight and I wasn't sure how strong it would be but my two large cats are very comfortable in it and it supports them well. They are 15 and 17 pound cats. They have each claimed a level as their own now and sit in it all the time. We are wanting to buy more now and continue the structure in more directions. Very fun for people that love to create their own design :) Review Origin: Amazon

Cat Lover: N. Lam, Dec 20, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

We Can't Stop Smiling

2 of my 4 cats love the wheel the other 2 are warming up to it. The first cat was on it the first day, so curious and excited to see what it was going to do. Also tried the top and learned it was safer on the inside but higher is worth a try for her. Nefertiti jogs on the wheel several times a day for a minute or 2 until Stevie pushes her off for her turn. They love it and we can’t stop smiling when they use it. Love the wheel and so do the cats.

Cat Lover: Kristin Z, Dec 15, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

The best entertainment for cats, ever! Just be patient!!!

I have 6 cats, so I'm always looking for ways to keep them entertained, exercised, and happy. I got the wheel back in August or September and I didn't think any of my guys would use it at first. Everyone seemed scared of it. I tried to entice them with toys and the laser, but it was a no-go. My 3-legged kitten would sit on it comfortably and watch the other cats, but that's about it. I actually put the wheel in another room after two weeks and figured it would be another expensive thing collecting dust. One day, a week or so later, I went into that room and -- FINALLY -- one of my cats got on the wheel and took a few steps!!! I was so excited, I just couldn't believe it happened. After that, she started using it more and more till she became an expert runner (running at top speed). Every time she uses the wheel, my other 5 cats run over there to watch, but no one will try it. Maybe one day, they will. But I have to say, the fact that even one is enjoying using this wheel many, many times a day makes it worth every penny. If your cat(s) won't use this at first, stay patient and keep working with them. It might take a while, but it's so exciting when they get on there and find out how fun it is!

Cat Lover: Myrtle, Dec 2, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Very Pleased

I am very pleased with my Cat Wheel. It arrived quickly and my husband assembled it with no difficulty (we did not time the assembly process). There was an issue with one of the wheel base units and it was quickly replaced at no charge. The Maine Coon mix cat I bought it for will eagerly use it for treats. However my Persian!!!!! began using it on his own after a few training sessions with a catnip toy. He gets on several times a day. I also have gotten my 16 year old cat with health issues to take a few steps using a catnip toy. I will keep trying with the Maine Coon Mix because he has at least once used it voluntarily and it gives me some together time with him. Any questions or contact with the company has been responded to quickly.

Cat Lover: Joyce Anthony, Nov 30, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent product

My Bengal started using the wheel on her own after a couple of weeks being prompted. Every time I hear it I know she is having fun. The wheel is super easy to construct. The only thing I don't quite get are the covers for the wheels on the base. Not sure how they work.

Cat Lover: Monique, Oct 21, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat love the One Fast Cat Wheel

Easy assembly but be sure to watch the video, there's some very useful information that makes it very easy and fast to assemble. I placed the wheel in with 8 of our adult & juvenile cats...I was surprised that they all want to climb all over it right away. "Sunshine" got aboard and with only a few finger snaps, took off on the wheel. Now, every time I walk into the room "Sunshine" runs over to the wheel and takes off on it. Check out the You Tube Video: the other cats will jump on with her but she dominates the wheel right now. With a teasing feather...she will take off and run at a faster speed.

Cat Lover: Ron, Oct 20, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Bengal Cats LOVE it!

I recently purchased the One Fast Cat wheel for our two Bengal cats. They LOVE it! Definitely keeps them entertained and gives them something to take out some of their high strung energy. We have a 4 month old kitten who uses it on and off. We also have a 1.5 yr old who absolutely loves it! He uses it daily and sings when hes on it... you can hear him throughout the house! The construction of the materials appears quite durable without being over engineered. The wheel covers were a good addition as they have already saved from some pinched paws when they both try to run on it (in opposite directions of course) and one inevitably falls off. The only suggestion would be to have the wheel covers more securely in place because if they shift, they bind a bit against the wheel as it turns... not the end of the world, just an annoying sound until you straighten them. Other than that we have no complaints and the Bengal cats are very happy with their new toy!

Cat Lover: Heather, Oct 18, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Really worth getting.

When I first heard of this I wondered if my cat would actually use this product. She can be finicky about new things for her. After all it took a month for her to start using the highest perch of her cat tree, and now she sleeps up there. This she took too much faster than that. I did need to coax her to walk on it at first by wedging the treats in the seams of the padding, but within a week, and after some great suggestions from the available help, she was walking after treats regularly. During the second week she would associate the wheel with getting treats, so that time was dedicated to making her realize it was for exercise as well. The laser pointer was very helpful in getting her to use it. And at top speed also. It's been a little over a month since I got it now, and while she still associates the wheel with treats, but she will go all out running on it at night. Sometimes during the day too. I'm quite glad I got this, and for more than just my cat being less bored. My cat also has kidney disease, and her increase in activity means she is eating more food, and drinking more water. I am hopeful that this will help her overall health. Assembly was as easy as the videos made it out to be, though the wheels on my base were a little too tight on the large wheel for it to spin nicely. Fortunately it just needed some adjustment to get it right.

Cat Lover: Karl, Oct 5, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Best investment for our cat we've ever made!

Our torbie cat is now 8 years old and I wish I would have known about this product years ago. We bought the cat wheel about two months ago and cannot believe how much of a difference it has already made in our cat. She has always been kind of hyper and high strung and anxious, and often destructive and at times even aggressive. She's an indoor cat so we figured being indoors and her personality are the contributing factors, but even with cat videos, window perches, various toys, spending lots of time with her and on occasion trying "calming" natural remedies, nothing seemed to change her behavior, so we just accepted it. Then by some kind of luck I saw an ad for the cat wheel on another website and clicked on it. After reading about how it especially helps indoor cats, I decided to give it a shot. I must say the instructional videos and training videos are great, because that's all we needed to get it set up and start training her, however, it really didn't take much training. Before we knew it, she started getting on the wheel on her own at various times throughout the day, and now she absolutely loves it. She runs on the wheel on her own about every hour, and only for a short minute or two, but she does it throughout the day and night. Sometimes she slowly runs on it, and a few times she really gets it going, but again, she doesn't run on it for a long time but in short spurts but she does it almost every hour all day and night. We cannot believe how much she has changed since she started using the wheel. She has a much calmer demeanor, hasn't attacked either of us in weeks, is not destroying anything in the house, and seems very content. Just like the website says-a bored cat is an unhappy cat-and now we feel like all of these years she was acting out because she was bored and had pent up energy that the other toys and things we tried weren't helping with. This wheel has done wonders for our cat, and she has lost weight too-rather quickly. She looks like the muscular svelte kitty she's supposed to be. So we no longer feel guilty that our cat doesn't go outside to run around, and our cat seems much more calm and content, and we couldn't be happier that we purchased this wheel. Whomever came up with this product is a genius! We live in a very small place too but the wheel really doesn't take up a whole lot of room either, which we were nervous about when we bought it, so we are happy about that too. We highly recommend this product and are so glad we found it! Made in the USA too :)

Cat Lover: Meg, Oct 1, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My cat and I love this! It our playtime together.

I just had to try this. Easy to put together, all snaps into place. I put it up in front of my TV in my bedroom. So I can watch TV, trying to encourage my cat to use it. Well, for the first two weeks, she sat on it, when I tried to move it back and forth she would put her paw on the floor to try to stop it from moving. I just patiently waited. 2 weeks later -OMG, I came home and she was so excited to show me that she figured this thing out herself. She jumped on it and ran 10 steps and jumped off. Her ears were pulled back like she was excited. then she did it over and over again - like 10 times that night. I never laughed so hard in my life. OMG - its our play time together, And my cat is 12 years old. I got her to exercise WOW! This just brightens my day.

Cat Lover: Texbev, Sep 20, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


hi my sphynx cat won't share other my cat .. i decide to buy other cat wheel.. let my cats so happy .. my cats didnt stop running wheeler 7/24 ... thank you stephanie

Cat Lover: Stephanie, Sep 19, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Very Impressive Design

I have been researching cat wheels for several years and even bought one once, for six hundred bucks. Sadly, the design was very poor and the wheel was not only ugly but weak from an engineered perspective, especially as my two cats are 16 & 18 lbs. I live in an apartment and need my wheel to be aesthetically inoffensive as well as quiet and strong. I was so pleased to find your design today. Extremely sensible pricing and a very nice design. From the reviews and the youtube videos, it seems to satisfy all my requirements. Sadly, one of my cats passed away, but the other one was the main user of the old cat wheel and he effectively stress-tested it to destruction. I think I will be a customer of yours soon, and due to the low price I love the idea that I may be able to get Sebastien running again much sooner than I had hoped! I have reviewed based on my good impression of the design and the excellent price point. The engineering will be subject to test of course. I'll be getting back to you!

Cat Lover: julia, Sep 11, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Just love it

I have three Bengals cats and as soon as it was put together mom was on and running the youngest was about two hours later and his older sister was a day later they run on it a lot every day and I love to watch them it's so funny to watch them.

Cat Lover: Janet, Aug 29, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Giant, Expensive treat dispenser

we've had the wheel almost 2 months now. Q-tip, our 3 year old large cat makes it very clear he doesn't want anything to do with it. He will chase a laser light or toy right up to the wheel then stop, sit and look away when the light or toy touches the wheel. He does watch Mrph, our smaller 4 year old cat walk on the wheel for a treat. For two months I've come home at night and given them treats when they interact with the wheel. At first it was when they would step onto the wheel, then when they made it move in any way. Mrph progressed from walking one rotation if I hold a treat just out of reach to finally this past weekend he progressed to leaping (truly running on the wheel) to chase the laser....twice. Q-tip, who we really bought it for because he has a tendency to overeat, is content to watch Mrph and hang around in the hopes we toss him a treat. Mrph runs to the wheel when I get home and stays on long enough to get 3-4 treats but usually he walks a little, stops and looks at me, waiting for his treat. Then he flops down and lays on it. He wants to please me so if I straddle the wheel and stand above him with encouraging words, he will keep walking while I pet and praise him and he purrs loud enough to trill like a Maine Coon (he is not a MC) If I move the wheel with my hands, he will dutifully walk like it's a treadmill but stops when I do. They don't see it as something to play on. But the box it came in? Well they just love the box! I cut out windows and laid it on its side with one end open and they played in and on the box until they crushed it. I did watch the videos and trained them right but Q-tip just refuses to get on the wheel. If I pick him up and place him on it, he stays only if I give him a treat, then he's jumping away right after. That he is not afraid of it gives me hope but I did think they'd start to run on their own by now. This is not a design flaw, just my cat's flaws. Downside: The black foam pads did not fit evenly on the wheel and I had to trim one piece to make then all fit. The pads are shredded just from the cats walking on it. If they ever decided to play in earnest on it, I'd need to replace the pads every month. I also wondered if I should have gotten the pads in green, a color most easily seen by cats, which have a limited color range of vision.

Cat Lover: Stacy, Aug 22, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Too fast cat

I have five indoor cats and we all live in about 1200 sq. ft. I set the wheel up and just left it in the living room for several weeks. Everyone became comfortable with its presence. I used a marble to attract the youngest cat, Prince Charming, to the wheel. Take a marble or small ball and hold it against the wheel about 2 ft. up. When you let it go, it will roll down and up the other side and continue to do this. Prince Charming was fascinated and tried to catch it as it went by. That got his paw on the wheel bed. We did this for several days. He'd chase the marble when he got it and go all around the wheel in the process. Eventually, he sat on the wheel. I praised him and stroked him. He works for that, not food or toys, though more toward toys, as shown in the video. Eventually he stood and took a few steps and the wheel turned. It took a while before he'd stand comfortably on the wheel bed. At that point, i placed my hand up the wheel in front of him and he tried to walk to get my hand, which caused the wheel to turn and he hurried faster, then stopped abruptly, placing his butt above his head! Now, he's at the point where he runs a bit, seemingly trying to get to the top of the wheel. I use my hand on the outside of the wheel to slightly brake it, so he doesn't end up upside down when he stops. He spent an entire session running to try to see what the little wheels were doing, as he noticed they were moving. He'd race and then reach to catch them. This caused him to stop when he caught up to them and he'd fall off sideways. He was undaunted. I have two very heavy queens, aged 6 and 10 years. I am hoping to start them on the wheel, but it will have to be a very slow process. The other two cats, a normal-weight queen and tom, have not been interested. All of my cats are "rescue" cats, so there are some psychological problems which must be accommodated. I'll let you know if anything that might help others occurs with them and the wheel. I must say it is a pleasant addition to the room, very aesthetically pleasing. I got the leopard print and it looks very nice.

Cat Lover: Gina, Aug 13, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Mostly great

Two of my cats are obsessed with this and have been since about day 2. I'm still trying to coax the fat one onto it, but he's a pretty skeptical guy anyway. The wheel covers fall off very easily, and getting them back on is challenging with the location I have chosen (against a wall). But I'm certain I've gotten my money's worth already as the two most excitable cats use it the most and have calmed down considerably, allowing me to sleep at night. I love it and have already recommended to several friends.

Cat Lover: Kris, Jul 12, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Love it !

The design is sleek and modern. By day one my cat was slowly walking in the wheel with some encouragement of treats. A few days later he was getting up there on his own. Now he runs on his wheel every morning and usually every night. The wheel makes minimal noise when running as well which is great. We keep it on a carpeted floor and it's still very study. Thank you for our awesome cat wheel one fast cat !

Cat Lover: Kylee, Jul 9, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Wheel = SO FANTASTIC!!

First off, this wheel was very easy to assemble. Secondly, my Bengal LOVES it! I wasn't so sure the first few days I had it, as I'm sure other cat parents discovered. My cat would only approach it or get on it if I had food (the treat training method worked the best). However, as the days went on, he got used to it and by day 3 or 4, he was using it all by himself! My roommate also has a cat; just your typical lazy house cat, and she WILL NOT have anything to do with this wheel. So I would recommend taking your cat's energy level into consideration before you drop some cash on this wheel. This was the BEST purchase I have ever made for my cat! His attitude has improved, he doesn't pee all over the house because he's bored anymore, and he is much more snuggly at night! I would definitely recommend the ONE FAST CAT wheel if you have a high energy cat!

Cat Lover: Rachael, Jun 28, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Necessity for Cats especially Bengals

Have had the wheel for two days - my 8 lb 5 month old Bengal took to it immediately. What is excellent about the FastCat is that it takes a bit of effort for the cat to move it. Taj has an enormous amount of energy with giant cat trees and lots of toys and a puppy to work it off. The FastCat is not only going to help eliminate excess energy but will definately build muscles that would be difficult to develop without it. FastCat will make Taj's life much healthier and fulfilling - his life will be closer to what his genes are looking for.

Cat Lover: Connie, Jun 27, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Still Trying

After having the wheel set up for a few weeks to get our two cats used to it, we were able to use the tips given in the videos to lure our female cat onto the wheel. She loved it and was taking well to it. The male cat was watching and I believe he was also ready to give it a whirl. However, one evening while the female cat was on the wheel, the body tipped a bit and came off the back base wheels. It scared her and unfortunately, we have not been able to get her back on it. Needless to say the male cat hasn't tried it either after that. We haven't given up and are hoping that our female cat will soon give it another try and show her "brother" how much fun it is. We're still trying...

Cat Lover: Cynthia, Jun 25, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Not as seen in video

Well, I would like to give this product a good grade but I cannot. Although assembly was easy my product had one broken tab, two of the pad were stuck together, and one pad wasn't even a full pad. On top of that when the rails were being tapped together two of the rail sections cracked. When assembly was completed I am not impressed. When watching the video the wheel turns so smoothly and with ease, mine does not turn as easily. I have ensured everything is flat and flush but it is not as smooth as the video. My cats do not like it. One thing I notices in one of the videos is that the wheel works best with food driven cats.; if I would have seen this when I research I would not have bought because neither of my cats are food driven. It is a shame my husband has thrown the box away already, I would have returned the product. I would not buy this product if I had to do again.

Cat Lover: JANINE, Jun 20, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent way to engage your cat

I have 16 indoor foster cats. This is a great way for them to get some additional exercise! The youngest have taken to it the quickest and I've used treats as a training tool. After all, who is not motivated by food? :-) I've looked around for a few years for something like this and even contemplated making my own, but when I found this website, I knew my search was over. This wheel is very well made and easy to put together. It is stable and I like the addition of the wheel covers as two of my cats will grab the outside of the wheel to really get it rolling. I am very pleased with this purchase! Thank you, One Fast Cat!

Cat Lover: Laurie, Jun 13, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Our Bengal boys love it!

We have 2 Bengal cats. They're 6 year old brothers. They love walking and running in their wheel and can do so for hours. They will hop in and run on their own without my husband or I asking them to, but they really LOVE it when we sit next to the wheel and talk to them as they run. They purr with their tails straight up the whole time they're on the wheel. It really helps them get out their pent up energy and helps keep them out of trouble in the house. They like to climb curtains and jump on counters and knock breakables off shelves to play or get our attention. To be fair, we had a wheel for about 5 years from another company that really just started to wear out from use, so they were familiar with the concept of running in a wheel already. But, even though the design of this wheel is totally different from their previous, they took right to this wheel with minimal coaching. Took about 5-10 minutes to get them going in it, and most of that time was spent on the boys sniffing and investigating the new object. We were very impressed with the ease of assembly and I really like the leopard pattern tread. It matches our boys! We like the open "hoop" style as well. It's more interesting to look at and doesn't feel like a big black hole in our living room anymore. Much more airy! Highly recommend this wheel!

Cat Lover: Hoshi and Hanta's Mom, Jun 9, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Worth the "training"

Easy assembly. Addition of the rubber mallet was a brilliant idea. Also, I'm glad the wheel covers are now part of the kit. Afte about a week of training our cat, she goes on it and runs several times a day. One thing...the 9th pad needed to be trimmed down about 2-3 inches to fit the track correctly All in all, one of the best things I've ever gotten for my cat. Now if I can only get my 2nd cat trained to use the wheel...she's a bit heavy and pretty much a lay in the sun kitty.

Cat Lover: Joe, May 26, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

teddy is on the wheel 24/7 fastest bangle Cat around

Can't wait to get Lilly on the wheel, she still milk her little one's which are five weeks old and they should start walking the wheel at 8 weeks old which is totally going to be fun watching them jump in and out. Super easy train in 5 minutes

Cat Lover: Darryl, May 8, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat loves this...

It was on the wheel soon as it was put together...and loves it. Product is well constructed and easy to put together. A1

Cat Lover: John, May 7, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent Product

My Blind Cat uses it Every morning for at least 10 minuets. Getting him to use it was really easy (hes treat motivated) and now he uses it in the morning when we are not awake to give him treats, the rumble is low and pleasant not a squeaky wheel. the assembly is a snap! everything snaps in place and in no time its up and running. Thanks Fast Cat for giving us the best way to exercise by himself, looking forward to many years with it in my living room.

Cat Lover: Jendoof, May 1, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

It's Awesome

I have two domestic shorthairs, ages 7 and 12, and they both LOVE the wheel. I trained them using treats, but now they don't even need them to use it. My younger cat randomly sprints on it...even in the middle of the night. It's hysterical. I highly recommend it!

Cat Lover: Elizabeth, May 1, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Easy to put together, cat loves it!

So happy with this purchase! Easy to put together, my cat was on it the same night! Thank you!!

Cat Lover: Gregory, Apr 29, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


I have 3 rescues and 2 of them are a bit chunky (19 & 20 lbs). The other is 9 lbs. The wheel is big and sturdy enough. My smallest cat is the one using it. It is taking time for me to get them on it. There is no place to attach a treat or mouse toy so rewarding them is difficult. I am hopeful they will eventually come to use it. They are always sniffing around it. Patience ...lots of patience ...I would definitely recommend this item . You will need a large space for it and I did need help putting it together. Is really is a nice product.

Cat Lover: Patti, Apr 29, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

They're Loving It !!

I have 6 cats and 4 of the 6 use it, 2 all on their own several times a day and the others with help from a laser pointer. :)

Cat Lover: dijon132, Apr 29, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My Bengals love it!

My cats absolutely love the wheel. They are also 7 months old and even run on it together at times - until one spins off! My smaller cat "Miles" is the one with energy to burn. I get on my tread mill and he gets on his wheel. I highly recommend this product. Assembly was done by myself and was very easy.

Cat Lover: Debra, Apr 17, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Worth it!

i know this cat wheel is meant for high energy cats, but i wanted to give it a shot with my high energy dog and low energy domestic short hair kitty, and it has been amazing! My female pomchi took to it very quickly (day !) and runs on it throughout the day to burn off energy (she's 10 pounds and about to be 2 years old) and my male kitty (14 lbs and 7 years old) loves it too. He is not on it as often as my dog, which was expected, but he isn't scared of it at all! The building of it couldn't have been easier, i did so myself without my husbands help! it was shipped and delivered instantly, and even though the website states it is best on hard wood, i have it on carpet and it still works great! The only con would be it isn't silent, but who cares! The sound that it makes when they are really going fast is still toned down (it's plastic on plastic, it was bound to have some sound!) But it lets us know when they are on it and that makes us happy. Amazing exercise for both of our fur babies on rainy days, and when we are at home. it worked best to use a laser toy to get them on in the first place.

Cat Lover: Rachael, Apr 8, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Jury is still out

I have three cats and thought this wheel would be ideal for them. I purchased it just over a month ago. I spend time with them and the wheel every day. My 5 yr. old, 12 lb. female watched/helped me assemble the wheel. I was amazed because she is the cautious one. She took to it and walks for about 10 seconds and then stops. Then she stretches and claws the foam padding. She loves the feel of it. Do not expect the foam padding to stay smooth or last. Just yesterday I heard the wheel going and discovered she was taking a 10 second stroll on her own. I am hoping she will walk on it for longer than 10 seconds at a time. My 15 lb. 8 yr. old cat is curious. He comes up to it and has stood on it and taken a step or two. I am hopeful. My third cat (17 lbs., long and lanky) and sibling of my female would not come near it for days. He comes closer now and has jumped through it, but not gotten on it. He watches his sister closely. I had the wheel come off the track like another reviewer mentioned. I thought the cats bumped it, but my cats are long legged and long in length. If there is a suggestion for adjusting the tracks, it certainly would be good to know and should be included in the videos and set-up instructions. So... it has been a month. One out of three cats is using it for about 10 seconds at a time a couple of times a day. I spend time each day with the cats and the wheel. The jury is still out on if the other two will use it and if the one using it will use more than it is being used now.

Cat Lover: Cris, Apr 1, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Sturdy wheel, Wobbly on frame, Cats fear this

My cats are terrified of the wheel and even though I've tried all of the suggestions that the company sent, and used my own background working in the animal field extensively and training professionally in feline behavior, my cats won't use it. They aren't food or toy motivated cats. Even if I try to withhold food and use it motivationally, they will approach the wheel but that's it. I received the wheel in January and the best they'll do is eat off their food bowl on top of the wheel. If it would have worked for them, it would have been such a great use of money but unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. I think if it was less wobbly or had a little more resistance to it, they would not be so afraid of it. This wheel is huge and while it's simple to put together, if you have limited grasp strength, it sucks. I ended up getting blood blisters trying to get everything to click into place correctly. Being that I live in an apartment, there's also only so much hammering I can do to the thing before my neighbors would complain. Also, the track pads didn't quite line up correctly but that could be my fault. By the time I got to that point, I was so frustrated that I tried to pull the waxy paper off all in one go instead of gradually like in the video. I've considered selling this and while I might have had a buyer, the trackpads look bad, especially after I attempted catnip as an incentive. However, I am still giving 3 stars because I like that the wheel does not have spokes and I like that it's not electrical like a human treadmill or anything like that. It's also a mostly sturdy wheel once you manage to get it together. One design flaw that could be addressed is that it does fall over at times. I wouldn't know if it falls over during cat use but when I've had company, if they bump into it, it falls over. I think that's another reason the cats fear it. No matter how much they make nice with it, as soon as it's upright and company comes over, they hear it crash at some point. While it would take away from the simple elegance, perhaps an option for a stability bar that could be installed to clamp loosely around the top or a square frame with sort of "external spokes" would give it more stability. Another thing that could be nice would be drilling holes to allow for installing hooks around the edges for cats that are not motivated by anything. If I withhold food and place it on the treadmill, they will at least climb onto it. If I could get them to associate a ferris-wheel-like hook-able cup to the edges, that could provide incentive for them to learn independently. One of my cats is a 3-legged feral with trauma issues. So, while she is eager to play near and even on it, she is afraid of all humans and training has to be done from a distance. If she could see modeling or piece together mentally the point of the wheel, she might actually like it. These could all be accessories that are optional for exceptionally difficult cats like mine (given my background, I only adopt cats with major problems). All of that said, it is well designed and executed for cats that are not so timid and who are energetic. This could be a wonderful thing for cat shelters, at least if it can be washed well enough to prevent disease transmission. If I were adopting a kitten, it would probably be a breeze to train them to love this. I suppose in some ways, it's sort of like with us humans; some of us hate the treadmill while some of us figure out a way to stay motivated to use it. I also appreciate the videos that they have on the site. I hope it works out better for others than it did for me.

Cat Lover: Kat, Mar 23, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent Investment

My 4 year old Bengal suddenly began marking around my house. My daughter told me she read about another Bengal owner who had the same problem and she bought the Cat Exercise Wheel which took care of the marking. Well, it worked for my Bengal also. He took to the wheel immediately and uses it many times throughout the day. Best investment I made to solve a problem which could have lead to several thousands of dollars lost and still no solution for marking.

Cat Lover: juliette, Mar 18, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

They love it!

We received our cat wheel about a month ago and it arrived in a very timely manner. One of our cats took to it immediately and needed no encouragement. She routinely runs on it everyday for fun. A couple weeks after having it another of our cats has now taken to it. She likes to sprint on it for a few seconds then get off of it but she clearly enjoys it. New task for us is to get the other two to like it as much. I think it is a great product that was easy to assemble and made of quality materials. My only suggestion would be to possibly have some extra running pads as their claws tear into them quickly. I'll order more and possibly another wheel if I can get the other two on board!

Cat Lover: David G., Mar 18, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

It takes time.

We have had our wheel for about a month and are still working on getting our Lucky Little Guy comfortable with standing on the wheel when it moves. This is definitely a "baby steps" process for us. His first impulse when he saw it was to sit on top of it not inside (you could tell by the way he looked at it). That impulse vanished once he saw it move. I would advised watching the assembly video more than once and especially right before you assemble it. I had watched it several days before the wheel arrived and thought I had it down. It will wobble and jump the track if the parts aren't all well connected (I missed securely snapping one piece in place). Once we had that fixed the wheel ran smoothly. The mallet was very useful in putting the second outer wheel on and having a second person for that last step is helpful as well. While LLG is both food and toy motivated, he is a cautious cat. I am working with him about 5 minutes 1-2 times a day. So far he will chase the laser through the wheel but not on it. Yesterday we had a bit of a breakthrough. I have a training reward stick with a spoon with his favourite food attached to the end. (I made the stick after looking at a cat training book). He was able to sit with all four paws on the wheel and not jump off when it moved a little while he ate the food off the spoon. YAY!! I will review the training video again in the next couple of days and resist the impulse to push him to meet my agenda. I have sprayed catnip spray and Feliway on the wheel to help him accept it. I will do an update in another month or as soon as he starts moving on the wheel. It is a well made, well designed product and looks beautiful.

Cat Lover: Anita, Mar 11, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Andddd they're off!!!

My Siamese cats love the wheel!! They hop on all the time and off they go!!

Cat Lover: V, Mar 11, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

2 happy Bengals

Easy to put together, especially since I watched video before it even showed up! Our female Bengal, Sammy, started almost immediately, she had helped put it together so she was very interested in it. She now gets on for awhile and then because she performed so well demands some major love when she gets off. The male Bengal, Cooper watched for a couple weeks, then one morning I thought Sammy was walking on it and was Cooper! He gets on and strolls, no aides to get him to do it. I've taken several videos and posted on my FB and people love it! Very affordable, well worth it! The day we got this saw you now have the Bengal spots for runners, we will get those when these need a replacement! Happy Bengals!

Cat Lover: Rebecca, Mar 11, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Slowly, but steadily

My indoor rescue cat watched me assemble the wheel. Then she avoided it. I would coax her on with treats and toys to no avail. Then I started feeding her on it, and realized her brush was my best bait ever! We're still walking, but I see her running on her own soon. Thank you!

Cat Lover: lynda, Mar 5, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent company and product

My cat explored the wheel immediately and was walking on it the 2nd day. At this point, after a few weeks, he walks or runs several times a day, both with encouragement using treats or a toy, or just on his own. He uses it between once and about 6 times a day. Between the wheel and leash walking him, I no longer have to worry about the various things he could get into or accidents that could happen while roaming. It's well made and easy to put together. I love it!

Cat Lover: Colleen, Feb 24, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


I am super happy with the cat wheel the delivery time was a lot faster than anticipated. Was quick and easy to assemble. My lil fuzz all Chaz who is a 4 year old pure breed bengal kitty took to it very quickly and knew it was his. He is slowly starting to use it more and more likes to play on it when we are not looking so he most likely plays with it more than we think he does. Overall extremely satisfied with this product.

Cat Lover: Laura, Feb 22, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Bengal loves it!

We have two bonded kittens from different litters: one turned into a tiny Siamese with no food issues and the other is a mischievous, spider-monkey Bengal with a gluttony problem. The Siamese is too skittish to really enjoy running on the wheel but when her brother plays she gets revved up too and plays with her mouse up on her cat tree. The video instructions said it would take a Bengal about a week to learn the wheel. Indeed, 7 days later he runs on the wheel for fun without prompting and he has lost his pudgy tummy over the month. At first he tried lazily reaching out his claws from nearby furniture to get the hand with the treat. We moved the wheel to the center of the room and used a long feather wand to save our skin. Now he particularly likes when we help spin the wheel so he can run even faster and meows at us when we get home so he can get a really good run... and we get exercise too. The favored treats are pill pockets because they can be broken into very small yet very smelly pieces.

Cat Lover: Nina, Feb 22, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great for exercise and bonding time!

We love our OneFastCat wheel! For us, it's not only great exercise for our cat, it's become a true bonding experience for us. We've only had the wheel for a couple weeks but I work with her on it every day. It takes patience and consistency but even the training is great for your cat. My cat Zelda is young and active, and as an indoor-only cat she wasn't getting the exercise she needed and craved - even with a catio. But our cat exercise wheel changed all that and Zelda loves when we train together. I'm hoping one day she'll jump on without the coaxing of her favorite treat, but even if she doesn't, getting her to walk and run while I intice her with treats, is good for both of us.

Cat Lover: Amy, Feb 20, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Awesome for My Burmese

I had a wonderful cat that recently had to be put down because of heart disease and was worried about my other cat not getting any exercise. I saw a cat wheel that was about $500 and thought I would buy it when I moved into a house later in the year. Then I stumbled across this one and decided to buy it right away as it was more affordable. The delivery was quick as well as the setup since I watched the setup video beforehand. My burmese gets bored easily and was acting up. I put the wheel together as soon as it arrived, and she needed only a couple of treats to get her on it. She absolutely loves her wheel and will often get off it and rub against my leg to tell me she loves it and then get right back on. She builds up speed and endurance daily. I am so happy I purchased this wheel to give her a chance to exercise and hopefully spare her from heart disease. Thank you for making this affordable and exactly what I need.

Cat Lover: Edna, Feb 18, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Fantastic !!

This is the BEST wheel & exercise for a Bengal !! I have purchased 3 plus the leopard replacement pads..It was a snap to assemble (pun intended) It rolls smoothly, stays on its tracks and doesn't tip over. Our Bengals run run run day & night ! You get to see their stride & how graceful they are. My Ragdoll & Ragamuffin are not picking it up, they sit on it.. LOL seems to be a Bengal thing :) Its a must purchase for indoor cats & especially Bengal owners....

Cat Lover: Brenda, Feb 16, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Easy to assemble

The wheel is well made, and easy to assemble. I bought the wheel for my 10lb Manchester terrier puppy. He happy to jump on the wheel and run for treats, see the attached video He is less motivated to just run for fun. But I have heard him get on it and walk for very short intervals. (video unavailable)

Cat Lover: Steve, Feb 15, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

good exercise wheel-

just purchased a second wheel to reduce the fighting over the use of the wheel- have a Savannah Stella who is very possessive of the wheel since she got it. she is constantly exercising and broke one of the other types of wheels after 5 months, now with increased competition between Stella and my 7 year old Begal Maggie May who now want equal time on the wheel. It is a great stress reliever for the cats and no noise sothey can use it any time without bothering neighbors.

Cat Lover: sharon, Feb 12, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Cheetah / Leopard

A hit!

By day two, four out of my seven cats were using the wheel--three of them on their own, without a laser or any other inducement (including one cat who's overweight). I would not have believed it!

Cat Lover: Arlene, Feb 10, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


Well, having put the wheel somewhere sensible, where it's easy to access it too Linnie just 10 minutes to figure out how to use it properly; only he insists on running one way, then turning round to run the other way. I think he thinks he's got somewhere and has to go back. The others are still deeply suspicious of it, but early days. And it's Linnie with all that surplus energy.

Cat Lover: Sarah, Feb 10, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


I got the wheel for 2 weeks now and my 2 kittens LOVE it ! It didn't took long to arrive and it was very easy to install (only 15 min.) My cats are both running on the wheel many times a day and you can see how big of a workout it is for them, they drink so much more water ! I would recomend it to every cat owners, it is really worth the price. A bill at the vet for a heart issue would be alot more expensive than 250$ so see it as a long term investment, healthy cats are happy cats :)

Cat Lover: Katherine, Feb 8, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

lovely piece of engineering

Easy to put together - took us about half an hour for the two of us, though I could imagine swearing for a couple of hours on my own - and a beautiful piece of engineering. So far 2 of our 12 cats have examined it, Dora declared it made her seasick and proceeded to try to chase the laser dot from beside it, but Linnie has had a go and thinks he might like it. I'll update when we have had a chance for more of them to find it and have a go... I know it can take a while! [and we didn't put it up right away as we had flu].

Cat Lover: Sarah, Feb 6, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great product!

My Burmese cat loves this wheel! The first couple days, she was a little skittish about getting on it, but we worked with her for about a week. Now she gets on the wheel on her own whenever she feels the need to burn off energy late at night or when we aren't home during the day. The price is much more reasonable than some of the other cat wheels I looked at. The instructional video was very helpful in assembling the wheel. Thanks One Fast Cat!

Cat Lover: Kristen, Jan 13, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Works great, much needed for a bengal!

My 1.5 year old bengal, Rex, loves it. He was never trained to use a wheel before but after minutes he was running like no tomorrow. The wheel has freed up our time, we don't have to play with him as often as we use to since he is exerting a lot of energy on the wheel. His temperament is noticeably better, I just wish we had purchased the wheel earlier, we definitely recommend it!

Cat Lover: Ruel, Jan 11, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Hey humans, look what I can do!

My little Lulu is not quite a year old and being house bound during the long Alaska winter led us to buy the One Fast Cat wheel and she loves it. Any time someone comes over she's walking on it as if to show off. Only if I want her to run does she need some convincing with a toy target. Often I can hear her walking on the wheel in the middle of the night by herself. Great Product Guys!

Cat Lover: Lulu's adopted human mom , Jan 11, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

for large cats

Heavier than expected; it will take a larger cat to get the wheel to move easily - my 6-pounders have to be halfway up the circle before it starts to roll.

Cat Lover: Kathy, Jan 10, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

For larger cats the wheel adjustment should be part of the assembly video.

I have 2 Turkish Vans who are 14 pounds and still growing. They both took to the wheel right away. Three days after assembling the wheel I was gone for most of the day and when I arrived home the wheel was off the tracks. I didn't think much of it as my boys play rough and I assumed they had crashed into it while chasing each other.. The next morning while getting ready for work I heard that one of them was using the wheel and then I heard it stop abruptly with an unusual sound. I went to investigate and saw that the wheel was off the tracks again so I contacted one fast track with this issue. They had me adjust the wheels and it hasn't come off the track since. The suggestion I would make is that for cat owners with larger cats this should be made part of the assembly video as I would have made the adjustment prior to introducing it to my boys, one of which will no longer use it (my have scared him while I was away).

Cat Lover: Shelly, Jan 7, 2016

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Would recommend for sure.

I love this wheel. My 3 Savannahs took to it right away. Easy to put together, good quality and reasonably priced. My Savannahs spend hours on it. Thank You

Cat Lover: Carolle, Dec 29, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat "Good Wheel"

I received the wheel in France, on time and very well packed . Easy to assembly as a toy for children. As per shown on the video , my cat quickly understood how to use the wheel. the only problem I'm facing is that my cat sharpens its claws on the strip inside the Wheel. Anyway this is a very good product, very well designed. Congratulations !. Christophe

Cat Lover: CHRISTOPHE, Dec 28, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Easy to Assemble & Cats Love It

I ordered this in August a week before I picked up my second Bengal kitten from the breeder. I let it sit in a box until yesterday. The kitten is now 6 months old and has recovered from being spayed (her sister is 11 months old) so I decided it was time to put it together. The assembly was quick. Once I had it set up, the cats were walking around it trying to see what it was about. I grabbed the laser and the youngest one was trying to go after the light right away. After a few attempts of getting used to the wheel moving under her, she started running trying to get the laser. The older cat is a bit more skittish and I think she'll come around but it will take longer. I think seeing her sister on it will help. This morning, the little one was meowing by the wheel - she was looking for the laser. I went and stood by her but didn't get the laser. Eventually, she got on and started going by herself without the laser! Not even 24 hours after setting up the wheel! As I am typing this, I can hear her on it as well. Now if we can get her older sister to take a turn. I can't believe how easy it was to get her to use it - I was prepared for a long period of training. I may have that ahead of me for the older one but it really is easy.

Cat Lover: DebMN, Dec 13, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Good buy

Overall I would have to say that my cats LOVE this wheel. I think it's a good idea. When it was up and running, it changed their dispositions, there was no fighting, and they weren't up all night running around like mad men. I also had little to no issue training my cats to use the wheel. However, I do feel that there should be a much better, in depth tutorial video on building the wheel. If you don't put it together, it's loud, wobbles, and then jumps off the track- which is my current issue. I feel that this could have been avoided with a more informative instruction video. However, the customer service center for the company is very good at responding to, and helping fix my issues, and then sent me replacement parts when I cracked it trying to re-align the outer pieces. I appreciate this very much, as do my cats. 4 stars definitely earned. The cat wheel is a great product!

Cat Lover: Amanda, Dec 10, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Well worth the price!

My cat, Connor, is the primary user of the wheel. He seems to think of it as his own personal toy! He doesn't even need encouragement to use it...he'll go for a run whenever the urge hits him. He did manage to derail it once by trying to start it too high (he jumped toward the top to get it moving), but it still didn't fall over. Very stable! He also had it going so fast at one point, that I wasn't sure he would be able to slow it under control, but he did! :) One of my other cats, Ingram, has decided to start having a go at the wheel, also! All in all, a great product that I would recommend to anyone with high energy cats!

Cat Lover: Chris, Dec 8, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Best decision ever!!

We have a Bengal, and she meows a lot because she loves to play - when we saw the cat wheel I figured it would be a good way to release some of her energy! She took a little coaxing in the beginning, but figured it out on her own as soon as we left her...Now if she's not running on it, you can find her hanging out on it, or beside it - she's in love, and now meows so we come and watch run and cheer her on...she's also trimmed up!! Best idea ever, besides getting our kitten of course ;)

Cat Lover: Jennifer, Nov 30, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great buy!

My cats love it!! Not only is it fun for them, its a great stress reliever.

Cat Lover: kathleen, Nov 5, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


Hello, I like the cat wheel. I have had it now for a month. It was pretty easy to put together despite the head of the mallet coming off several times. As you mentioned in your video the wheel does wobble a bit, and I have had some problems with the covers on the edge popping off, but other than that, it is working fine. My cat, Thomasina, is not really interested in it. I began "walking" her on it, then bought some treats to entice her, but not with much luck. It was only a couple of days ago that she got on it by herself and ran a couple of seconds. She is very small, only 7 pounds and I think it was a little heavy for her to turn, though she has, at this time, gotten on about 3 times a few seconds each time. I am still holding out hope that she will take to it and enjoy it. Got my fingers crossed. Lonna

Cat Lover: Lonna, Nov 4, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Good product

Very good product and especially silent, my cat likes it but it is not wide enough for two cats you can see them in action :

Cat Lover: Christian, Oct 14, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great product but messy

It took about 3 weeks for us to train our 2 cats to use the wheel. We moved from a larger house to a small 2-bedroom apartment and wanted something to get them exercise without letting them outside with the coyotes & traffic. They will now run on the wheel when they are hungry, and sometimes just because. Overall we are pleased with this product and it works as advertised and does what we wanted. My only complaint is that one of our cats likes to use the traction pads as a scratching surface, so we end up with little bits of traction pads all over the floor. Within 2 days of vacuuming these bits are to the point where a fastidious person would need to vacuum again. I'm really hoping the replacement pads are more durable. Both are cats still have claws so I'm not sure if the little bits are due to them running as well, or solely from the one that scratches.

Cat Lover: Barb, Sep 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Cats love the wheel

I love this wheel, and so do my bengals!!! There was no training required. They just seem to know what it's for. I have another wheel that we purchased that is heavy. This one is great, although the insert for traction could be made out of a better product. All in all, a great toy for your cat!!!... Will upload a video DANCINDOTS BENGALS

Cat Lover: Connie, Sep 23, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

A must for Bengals!

I've had my wheel for about seven months now and my 2 bengals use it ALL the time! I also have 2 siamese but they show no interest in it. As long as you follow the video, putting it together was a breeze and the pads are still in good shape with just little puncture holes from their claws. I'm ordering some new ones just because They didn't have the green when I first ordered. My only issue is that I have a basement apartment and the noise the wheel causes is heard downstairs quite loudly. Have to lay it down at night. Any advice how to make it quieter would be appreciated! Other than that, I love this wheel! Waited a long time for an affordable one and this is it!!

Cat Lover: Georgetta, Sep 19, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


We got out beautiful New bangle on the 10the of September! Our little lady started using as soon as we walked in the door, the breeder we had gotten her from has many in her house and just raved about the cat wheel so we figured we would invest in one before she even got here! Best money ever spent other than getting our kitten! Thank you so much!

Cat Lover: Izzi, Sep 16, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


Approximate Translation: I am very happy with my one fast cat wheel. All my cats love it. It is easy to assemble and very light, easy to clean. Its took me 2 minutes to show my cat has to use it. I would love it more if it were wider or a double wheel, so that my Bengals can run two at a time without loosing footing. But otherwise I am fully satisfied. The shipping is very fast and I recommend it to all. Many videos were put on my page "bucephalebengal breeding". We will order more. Original (French): Je suis très heureuse de ma one fast cat wheel. Mes chats l'adore tous. Elle est plutôt facile a assembler et très légère, facile a nettoyer. Sa ma pris 2 minutes pour montrer a mon chat à l'utiliser ils adorent.recommandation j'aurais aimer qu'elle soi plus large ou qu'une roue double soi offerte afin que mes bengal puisse en faire en duo ou sans perdre pied. Mais sinon je suis pleinement satisfaite. Le shipping est très rapide et je la recommande a tous. Plusieurs video ont été mis sur ma page d'élevage bucephalebengal. Nous en commanderons d'autres ces certains.

Cat Lover: Bucephale bengal, Sep 5, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Très bon achat

Approximate Translation: I love my exercise wheel. My cat is starting to get used to it. I use his favorite toys to encourage him to run. I was disappointed by the pads to stick to the bottom but I replaced them and now all is well. Original (French): J'adore ma roue d'exercice. Mon chat commence à s'y habituer. J'utilise ses jouets favoris pour l'encourager a courir. J'ai été déçue par les pads à coller au fond mais je les ai remplacés et maintenant tout va bien.

Cat Lover: Karine, Sep 1, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

FINALLY an affordable cat wheel!

I've wanted a cat wheel since I first saw the one that our Bengal's breeder had. They've simply been way too expensive until now! I had watched your assembly video before my wheel arrived and it made assembly a snap. No problems at all! Our Bengal and two Cornish Rex cats are all highly food motivated so I used what we jokingly refer to as 'Kitty Crack', aka freeze dried chicken. The Bengal & one Rex both got on the wheel and walked a bit the first day. By the second day, the Bengal got on by herself and started walking. I've not been able to get the third cat to do anything but sit in the wheel. No matter... She's a tiny but active 5 pounder. The Bengal was the one I really wanted this for, and she jumps on several times a day and takes a stroll while commenting on whatever it is that seems to be on her mind. I haven't seen her run yet, but I'm sure she'll get around to it when she's darn good and ready. So glad we bought this!!!

Cat Lover: Deborah, Sep 1, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent Product

Ordered via international shipping (finally available!) and received on time! Easy assembly and great assistance via chat/web for fine tuning. My Bengal cat immediately start using the wheel with very little training (just gave her something to catch) and she run like hell! (very much like a cheetah at full speed, it's a joy to watch, film and watch again in slow motion!). My other cat is a British ad he uses the wheel like a hammock :-), need to train him! 4 stars instead of 5 because the pads deteriorate pretty quick when cats starts using claws on them, will need to order a replacement soon. The wheel i also pleasant to view and I placed it in the middle of my living room (looks like a modern art sculpture). It would be fun to see accessories lie odometer/speedometer (i think they could easily plugged in contact with the roller blade wheels) Recommended!

Cat Lover: Motoconcho, Aug 17, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My savannah loves it

It is the best thing ever he is constantly running on, sometimes both my savannahs run on it. I only wish it was much more stable as it has come off the wheels when they really get it running

Cat Lover: Michele, Aug 15, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Looks good.

Although the wheel looks stunning in 4-year old Mindy's room, I have been unable to motivate her to even step onto the wheel! Using the training videos I have found that she is neither food nor toy-motivated! I can only hope that eventually she will step on it if it sits there long enough. She definitely needs the exercise, as she's a bit overweight. The assembly was a bear. I couldn't get the gaps out. Eventually my sister's boyfriend had to complete it. At least it looks good!

Cat Lover: Jackie, Jul 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Well worth it

Assembly was incredibly easy - I watched the instructional videos the day before I got the wheel, and then was able to assemble it in about 20 minutes with the help of a friend. No problems there. It did take a bit before my cat took to the wheel - at first she was uncomfortable with the 'the floor is moving' concept, but she got used to it within a week. Then for weeks I thought she would only ever use it when I bribed her with treats, but just recently she started using it on her own! So, don't give up right away, just give them time to adjust. Now my very energetic cat has a way to burn off steam and will leave my lazy cat alone - win-win situation. The lazy cat never took to the wheel, but I didn't get it for her. Only complaint is that if my cat really starts running at her top speed, the wheel comes off the tracks. But I think its because she runs at an angle a bit, the weirdo. The wheel is sturdy for her usual pace.

Cat Lover: Rebecca, Jul 11, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

I love it!

I found the wheel easy to assemble - the videos were of great help! I have several cats and two in particular took to the wheel very quickly. Some of the others just go for a stroll on the wheel, while Stella and Wisp run as fast as they can go. I love seeing them use the cat wheel and they seem to love getting extra exercise on it.

Cat Lover: Fran, Jun 29, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


I have found the the large wheel on the base is quite hard to get going for my cats. It doesn't move easily. It would take full out running by a large cat to get it going. My 2 smaller cats can't get it going at all. I did get it for my large cat for exercise. He is not terribly interested just now. With the nice summer weather he is only interested in going outside to the catio. I will try to push him more to use it once fall/winter comes.

Cat Lover: Patti, Jun 28, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great Product, Needs Tweaks

First of all, I was one of the initial orders so some things may have changed. First, the parts that need improvement: The product came packed in a way which damaged several (3-5, I forget) of the track pads as well as indentations on the wheels. The wheel indentation seems to have gone away, and all damage was caused by the underside of the track being presses against it. Since then, the tracks came off some (the ones which were creased) and the wheels are becoming worn. There is white wheel dust against the inside of the track which demonstrates rubbing, and this has caused additional friction on the wheel movement. Now for the good stuff... While I had hoped the exercise wheel would get my overweight Bengal running, he won't get on the thing at all. I underestimated his timidity and overly sensitive temperament. His skinny brother though? All about it. He sprints on the thing, tail all bushy. I even had to put the wheel in the garage so he could run until he was happy without the noise at night. Now when I go near it he jumps on, meows, and starts sprinting. He loves to show off, but the occasional treat may be part of it too... Overall, I really like the product and it has been a great conversation piece... Almost an instillation art piece for when my friends are over. I'll keep working on the fat one. He will run eventually.

Cat Lover: Matthew, Jun 24, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Both Bengals love the wheel

Bella took to the wheel right away with help from a laser light. Oswald was only 8 weeks old and could not move the wheel. He is now 13 weeks old and double in size. Yesterday he jumped on the wheel and ran flat out! Shocked the heck out of me. He is a much faster runner than Bella. I would could Bella a Stroller! LOL. She just likes to walk. I put the wheel beside the door-wall so the can see outside when they walk. Both cats love the wheel. It was very easy to put together. Did it myself in 20 minutes.

Cat Lover: Shelly, Jun 22, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

A happy purchase

i find it easy to take a few minutes, a few times a day to sit with her and use a yummy treat to get her to run. But, after two weeks, she does not use it without a lure. I'm hopeful that this may change, even slightly. I don't give her any treats unless she runs a few rotations, so I am trying to link the wheel and treats as inseparable for her and this takes time. Assembly was easy, especially the second time! I put the running boards too close and had to reassemble. All in all, I am very pleased with the one fastest wheel!

Cat Lover: Naomi , Jun 21, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

The best money I've ever spent!

We have two cats, one-year-old, a brother and sister named Grover and Josie. Grover was getting a little porky, so I figured with them being indoor cats, I would give "One Fast Cat" a try. It was easily assembled from the video. Then we started to train Grover with a toy. He got on the wheel and started going! What amazed us was the next day when he got on all by himself and started going! Here's what blew us away, Josie, Grover's tiny, petite sister, started going on the wheel without even being trained! And she goes so fast! Faster than Grover. She is obsessed with the wheel. I can hear her using it in the middle of the night! This wheel is so cool and effective for cat exercise. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Cat Lover: Susan, Jun 21, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


We have a cat boarding facility and the cats love the wheel, there are a few that will even get on the wheel themselves and get it working

Cat Lover: Tania, Jun 15, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My cat already lost 1lb

My cat loves the wheel. It took him a while to get the idea of it - probably about a month. He is 6 years old and we weren't sure if he was going to use it because for a while all he would do is lie down and get comfy on it! We used treats and a lazer pointer to train him as people have done, and also showed him how to do it by sitting beside the wheel and "walking" on it with our hands to get it moving - as if we're going for a walk with him. It took a while for him to realize that he can move it on his own but got the hang of it and slowly got comfortable running faster. Now he loves it and always wants us to do it with him - as soon as we come into the room he'll jump onto the wheel and start meowing! He uses it on his own as well but seems to view it as something fun we do together. He purrs like crazy. He is at a much healthier weight now after using it for only a couple of months. No complaints. The only thing we found strange was the instructions made a big deal about how you have to leave a gap between the pads when you are putting them on, which we did but then when we got to the end there was an extra pad. So we could have put them on with no gaps and then just cut the last one to size.

Cat Lover: Jennifer, Jun 13, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

An Engineering Marvel

I bought One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel because it fit my budget, it was compact, light weight and seemed to be well designed. $250 is an excellent price point considering that all of the other options out there don't come close and that making one of these wheels yourself for less money is not trivial. The wheel is very easy to assemble (easier than Ikea furniture) and actually fun. As the wheel is constructed from many small, repeating parts, my expectations for perfect roundness and symmetry were modest at best. When I first tested the wheel (by hand, of course) I noticed that the imperfections in the geometry of the assembled wheel caused some minor oscillations that destabilized the wheel. This was in no means an issue for me. Just something I noticed. The only problem I encountered was that unless the skate wheels were perfectly aligned, the wheel would rub on the sidewalls of the wheel and cause friction and the wheel would not work efficiently. I was able to solve this issue through making small adjustments in the alignment of the base. Perhaps in the second generation model One Fast Cat will include a system for tuning the skate wheel alignment. Judging form how well engineered this wheel is currently, I don't think this will be a problem for the designer. Overall, I am quite satisfied with my purchase and my Bengal kitten, Nimbus, loves his wheel. Nice work One Fast Cat!

Cat Lover: Jacob, Jun 7, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat uses it every day

I had always wanted a cat wheel for my cats, but never could bring myself to buy one because of the over the top prices. One Fast Cat came out with an affordable version that was in the price range where even if my cats didn't like it I felt like it was worth the risk. I've had it since February 2015 and my black cat has used it every day since I got it. My Maine Coon has never set foot on it which is actually a good thing because it's nice for my Black cat to have something that's his own, (the Maine Coon like to take over and make everything hers) I never expected the wheel to be this big of a success with my cat, and it looks like from all the Facebook videos of cats enjoying the wheel, that it's pretty universal.

Cat Lover: Joseph, May 13, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel



Cat Lover: Michelle, May 6, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

This is a superb product at a great price

My cats love this product, they run on it so fast that when they stop they turn a flip by going up the other side. Its like a cats cardio workout, with the only problem I have is only 1 on it at a time. I have 32 rescused cats, maybe in the future you could make a wider version for multiple cats. I have 1 that runs so fast that you can't hardly see her front feet and her back feet look like they are hopping. In closing I give this product 10 stars out of 5. EXCELLENT PRODUCT Thank You

Cat Lover: Charles (froghair) , May 3, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great Purchase!

I was a kickstarter backer. Even though I had to wait several months longer than expected, it definitely was worth the wait. We have our wheel on a hardwood floor and is very stable. Our savannah cat is on it all the time, at all hours of the day. It was a great purchase and would definitely recommend it.

Cat Lover: Jennifer, May 1, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Definitely Worth the Investment

Once I had successfully assembled her One Fast Cat exercise wheel on Sunday afternoon (April 26th), my cat Cleopatra (Cleo) was intrigued, but still not quite sure what to do with it, no matter how many treats or different toys were used to entice her. Besides having put two paws on the exercise wheel the day it was assembled and set up, the most she would do afterwards was to sit on it for short periods three days in a row. However knowing not to pressure her about it and to be patient as well as understanding, I was confident that she would eventually take to it, given the time to do so. It also proved to be very important to continue engaging and playing with her without the focus being on the exercise wheel as well. After being enticed by a different toy yesterday morning (Thursday), Cleo was amazing herself with what it was like to saunter and run, almost effortlessly, on her exercise wheel for the first time and was enjoying herself quite a bit. Taking breaks here and there, she would return to the wheel for yet another jaunt. She had even nearly broke out in almost a full gallop at one point, but decided not to overdo it all at once. There were also times when she was not really focused on the toy any longer either, so I would pull it away and only bring it back when it helped her to refocus. What was the toy?: Had simply cut a short piece from an overstretched belt cord off an old pair of sweatpants. Like most cats, she took to it rather easily of course, most likely due to the novelty of it. It was either that or, if need be, I was tempted to purchase a laser cat toy. This morning I awoke just prior to 4:00 AM (ET) and soon after Cleo could be overheard using the exercise wheel on her own, sauntering off and on for brief spurts and taking short breaks in between. This continued for a time after I arose from bed as well. She was no longer as interested in the cord as much, at least not this morning, save for when playing with it independent of the wheel. Suffice it to say that, while keeping in mind about how careful and proper assembly of it is a most essential element of course, both Cleo and myself are extremely satisfied with the One Fast Cat exercise wheel and therefore we highly recommend it to other cats and their human caretakers. It is most definitely worth the investment made in its acquisition.

Cat Lover: Morgan, May 1, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Bengal Entertainment

I bought the wheel crossing my fingers and hoping that it wouldn't be a waste of money. To my satisfaction, my cat took less than a day to get used to it and begin using it on his own without any incentive. Granted, he still runs faster with incentive (toys as he doesn't care at all about lasers for some reason). He IS a Bengal though so he had a higher chance of accepting it than most cats. Assembling the wheel was work, but manageable. I am 5'1" and weigh 95lbs and was able to do it (with some huffing, puffing, and sweating) by myself. A rubber mallet would have been useful, but I was too eager to put it together to take the time to go to the store and get tools. The wheel is definitely more stable on hard flooring compared to carpet, but I have mine set on carpet and it is only a little wobbly when my cat is running on it (he's pretty large; 17 pounds all muscle). The assembly video was wonderful and I wish every product came with video instructions like that. Much easier to follow than paper instructions.

Cat Lover: Melanie, Apr 30, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Finally got my wheel to Hawai'i :D

I've been waiting for them to partner up with Amazon... now they are :D. Ordered on the 23rd, arrived on the 27th. It came in it's orignial box, inside a cardboard box, inside another cardbaord... very well protected. I'd say it took 25 minutes to assemble, plus 10 minutes to stick on the running pads. Afterwards I gave it all a once over with my mallet just to make sure everything was good. A couple things worth mentioning. My base has the slightest wobble which I had to correct with a slightly thicker floor pad on one of the corners. Just by looking at the wheels I can tell in time they will need to replaced, also including a 6mm allen wrench if/when you need to adjust/remove the wheels would be nice. Lastly, the assembly video on youtube says when applying the sticky traction pads, to, "leave a bit of a space." I did this, looking back I wish I'd ignored what she said, I had quite a bit of left over material...

Cat Lover: Aaron, Apr 28, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

EXCELLENT. This is a great product for indoor cats

This wheel is amazing . I have been looking for something like this for my indoor cats that was affordable. I am SO happy to have found this, The wheel was extremely easy to assemble and training is going very well. I would highly recommend this to anyone with indoor cats.

Cat Lover: Kathy , Apr 27, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Good product

Our cat seems to enjoy the wheel - if we put her on it she will go for a walk and even break into a gallop on occasion. But she is not on it all the time nor does she go on it voluntarily. If we hold a toy high on the wheel, she will try to catch it by running on the wheel which is quite funny. She is only a 6.5 pounds, 8 months old Tonkinese - some might say she is still a kitten so she is not heavy enough to make the wheel start easily. Once the wheel is moving, she has no issue keeping up or speeding up. Another factor is the wheel width - I think the wheel is too narrow. If it was 4 to 6 inches wider it would allow for distraction without the cat falling off the wheel! Sammy has fallen off the wheel a few times because she is running then she wants to look at us watching her run and bamm! She is an indoor cat, but we do "walk" her on a leash around the property. She is very fast and reachs the limit of the leash 100% of the time when she decides to take off. Indoors she is a rocket and has a "route" in the house she covers near full speed. I mention this becaue she is far from being a lethargic cat and seems to REALLY like running at full speed so we thought she would be basically on the wheel all the time, which is not the case, YET! Also, our wheel came with Blue pvc pads - every pad had dozens of small to large air bubbles between the glue and the pad. We applied one pad thinking that we could pop the bubbles by pressing the pad. The bubbles cannot be popped once you stick the pad on the wheel - we had to pull it out (not easy without deforming the pad!) then use a sharp hobby knife to cut the adhesive on *ALL* bubbles. We still did not get a very smooth surface as the cut adhesive film now blobs up here and there and you can feel it with your hands after the foam is in place ( you can see it too ). It is not a big deal for the cat, but just not the quality I was expecting. Last item, our wheel came with black silicone wheels - it looks like a downgrade from the transparent ones I see on the videos. Some manufacturing cost trimming ? Not sure - time will tell! For now, I think it is a good product and the fact that the cat is not in love with it is not a fault in the product but just a personality trait of the cat - Sammy could careless about her cat tree for the first 3 months and now she on it everyday. I think with time she will be on the wheel more often and on her own :-)

Cat Lover: Yvonne, Apr 27, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Love the wheel, but not as easy to assemble

I received the wheel 4 days ago and I'm proud to say that one of my 3 cats started using it on her own for the first time earlier today. The second cat would use the pads as a scratching post and sleep on the wheel, The most stubborn third cat is starting to show interest in the wheel because she sees the first one constantly using it. I'm rather proud of my kitties after only 4 days, and very hopeful that soon they all will be using the wheel on their own. I'm giving it 4.5 starts because of the assembly. It wasn't difficult, but it was frustrating even after watching the recommended video. I had to walk away several times and take a break because I could not either put a part on, or remove the part when I accidentally put it in the wrong place. Get armed with lots of patience, otherwise you might break some tiny plastic part. My other problem was with the pads. I followed the directions and left a little bit of space between each one, and when I came to the last one I had about 2-3 inches extra left that I had to cut away. I didn't realize that I will have that excess, so I thought I did something wrong. I didn't, so anyone who is reading this review, please watch for extra pad length. I simply cut it away with scissors. Also, if you have to lift up the pad for any reason, frequently the sticky stuff will stay on the wheel and not come off with the pad. When I thought I did something wrong, I attempted to re-position couple of pads and that was definitely a big mistake. Don't do it! Try to get it right the first time. Thankfully, One Fast Cat now offers replacement pads, so I can replace the ones that are bubbling up now. Overall, I'm very happy with the wheel and I highly recommend it to anyone who has indoor cats. Just watch out for the mistakes I've made, and try not to make them yourself.

Cat Lover: Lyubov, Apr 26, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

My cat loves the wheel

I purchased teh cat wheel for mainly 2 of my four cats, 1 with behaviour issues, and 1 that is overweight. The overweight cat has not had much to do with the wheel but the cat with behavior issues jumps on the wheel several times and did so without too much training. I got my wheel through nthe kickstarter campaign and because it is great we purchsed one for my sister who not only has her own cats but fosters cats too. Hopefully the wheel will be fun for all of them. I would recommend to everyone looking for good cat entertainment and exercise. It was very simple to put together and there are loads of videos to help if you get stuck :)

Cat Lover: melina, Apr 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Very good

I Received the cat wheel within 5 days and assembled it in about an hour and am still trying to train 2 timid cats but I think I had a breakthrough with one of them as she took a few steps by herself when I wasn't giving her a treat but jumped off when it moved. With a few more treats, I think she'll get used to it and then the other one will follow her lead.

Cat Lover: Marlene , Apr 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Excellent product

The Wheel was a snap to put together. It took us about a 1/2 an hour from start to finish and my two bengals were on it in a flash. My older bengal loves to walk on it and my younger guy likes to run full speed. We haven't had any issues with it coming off the track or tipping over. For the price, plus the free shipping, buying this wheel was a no brainer, especially when you look at the prices of the other wheels on the market. This product does exactly what it claims to do ... gives your cat another outlet for their energy at an excellant price. I am definitely going to need replacement pads in the near future ! Thank you One Fast Cat !!!

Cat Lover: Maria, Apr 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat has really taken to it an uses it every day

My cat was a little suspicious of the wheel at first. She's 2 years old and has never seen one. She wasn't so sure about the ground moving under her. With some treats, patience and encouragement, she got use to it in about 2 weeks. She now hops on the wheel to take quick runs throughout the day and will chase her favorite toy at a fast pace. I've even caught her taking a nap in it once, LOL. The wheel is really well built and easy to put together. I did it in about 20 minutes using a hammer with a tennis ball placed over the top. I would defiantly recommend.

Cat Lover: Christine, Apr 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Easy to Put Together, Easy to Train

The wheel itself is great. It was easy to put together (took me 30 minutes), and it's not hard to move it since it doesn't weigh much. It's not the most beautiful thing (but neither are the cat trees in my living room). Training for me has been slower, my cats (6 and 10) were very nervous of it, but both had been on it and taken a couple steps within the first few days. We're a few weeks in and they'll both jog a little if you have a treat. Occasionally the 6-year-old will walk on it alone to see if she can spontaneously generate treats. Unfortunately my lazy cats give up quickly and wouldn't dare try running. I'm not sure it will help the one cat lose weight since she'll only do it for treats.

Cat Lover: Cheryl, Apr 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great Purchase

The wheel was very easy to put together and turns very smoothly. I have a bunch of young cats who can't go outside, so I'm glad I found this wheel for them at such a reasonable price. They've just started learning to run on the wheel. Two of them have the hang of it, and will run for treats. The others are watching and learning. We're trying to get some video.

Cat Lover: Joan, Apr 24, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great Product

It was a bit difficult to put together, I used a rubber mallet but got super frustrated but the actual track pieces on. I finally figured out my mistake and bam I have an amazing toy/exercise products for my 2 bengals. Within the first 5 minutes my 18 week old was having a blast! Totally worth the money!

Cat Lover: Amanda, Apr 24, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Good but needs some refinement....

I have two Bengal kittens, who like the wheel and are learning to use it. There are two design problems though. First, the wheel itself is heavy enough to do major damage to a little kitten if they were to get a limb caught in the front between the skateboard wheels and the big wheel. For this reason, I can only let one of them in the room at a time, or carefully supervise them when they use it. The kittens chase each other around, and try to jump on the wheel when the other is using it. Incidentally, I have a front loader washing machine in the same room with the door always open when not in use. The smaller kitten has figured out that if she gets into the drum, she can use it for a treadmill too. The second flaw is really due to the plastic interlocking parts that aren't ideal for such a precision piece of equipment. Imperfections make a big difference, and I did have to work on it a bit and take some parts off to reduce wobbling. My floors are not exactly level, which doesn't help matter. I would like to see a bicycle spoke center hub that could be attached to the rim and used with a stationary stand. With a spoke system, the wheel imperfections would not matter, and a design like that could also be manufactured at a reasonable price. So I like the wheel, but see some room for improvement. Currently there is nothing better that you can buy for a reasonable price.

Cat Lover: Madeline, Apr 24, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

fantastic product!

i love this wheel! I have a very high energy orange baby, and it's difficult to find something that will help him burn it off without destroying things in the house. Since we got the wheel he has taken right to it, and mastered wearing himself out on it. There have been a lot less destroyed items in our home, and a much happier kitty to have around! He loves it, and uses it several times a day. It was so beyond worth the investment.

Cat Lover: Mandi M, Apr 22, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Love this product

We have had our wheel about two months now and three of my six cats love it. My Sphynx uses it ten to fifteen times a day. Sometimes he justs walks but most of the time he runs like something is after him. Best purchase I have ever made for my cats. Thank you, One Fast Cat.

Cat Lover: Bonnie, Apr 22, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Great Product!!

I love this wheel! Took me under 15 minutes to build! It runs great, and it's on carpet ! Never has run off track ever! All of my cats enjoy it..Definitely a great buy!!!

Cat Lover: Lor, Apr 22, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Black

A hit!

By day two, four out of my seven cats were using the wheel--three of them on their own, without a laser or any other inducement (including one cat who's overweight). I would not have believed it!

Cat Lover: Arlene, Apr 16, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Blue

Good Stuff

Having tried a few other cat wheels in the past, I have found the One Fast Cat wheel to be the most sturdy and affordable design. My only request is to design a cat wheel that is twice as wide as this one to keep multiple cats happy. My EIGHTS cats fight over this wheel.

Cat Lover: Kamal, Apr 16, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Green

exceeded our expectations!

We think the wheel is very well made, has a great price and the ease of set up was spot on. We put our cat on the wheel the first day, on the second day he was getting on it by himself, and by the fourth day he had figured it out and was getting some great runs going. He gets on it multiple times a day (and at night), and really enjoys it. He uses it more often than we expected.

Cat Lover: Matthew, Apr 16, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel - Red


Putting the exercise wheel together was super easy. Thank you for the videos- they really helped out! My cat loves the wheel and started using it on her own immediately. I did run into a snag with the wheel falling off the base but it was quickly fixed by watching the troubleshooting video. If you just bought a wheel do yourself a huge favor and watch the quick videos! I had to take mine apart and reinstall because I didn't FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Thanks One Fast Cat for an awesome product!!! I'm sharing with all my cat friends!!

Cat Lover: Omar, Apr 16, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel


Putting the exercise wheel together was super easy. Thank you for the videos- they really helped out! My cat loves the wheel and started using it on her own immediately. I did run into a snag with the wheel falling off the base but it was quickly fixed by watching the troubleshooting video. If you just bought a wheel do yourself a huge favor and watch the quick videos! I had to take mine apart and reinstall because I didn't FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Thanks One Fast Cat for an awesome product!!! I'm sharing with all my cat friends!!

Cat Lover: OMAR, Apr 13, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

exceeded our expectations!

We think the wheel is very well made, has a great price and the ease of set up was spot on. We put our cat on the wheel the first day, on the second day he was getting on it by himself, and by the fourth day he had figured it out and was getting some great runs going. He gets on it multiple times a day (and at night), and really enjoys it. He uses it more often than we expected.

Cat Lover: Matthew, Mar 16, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Carpet treads a must have.

I received my wheel a little over a week ago and I couldn't be more pleased. There is one weak spot I corrected immediately. My cat has front claws and they kept getting stuck in the foam treads. I found the perfect solution with carpet treads on amazon for about 40 bucks and 8 inch wide carpet tape from Dean Flooring. Marsha took to the wheel with much enthusiasm immediately and I even heard her using by herself for the first time. An extra 100 bucks was well worth it. No more stuck claws.

Cat Lover: Christine, Feb 20, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Good stuff

Having tried a few other cat wheels in the past, I have found the One Fast Cat wheel to be the most sturdy and affordable design. My only request is to design a cat wheel that is twice as wide as this one to keep multiple cats happy. My EIGHTS cats fight over this wheel.

Cat Lover: Kamal, Feb 17, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

A hit!

By day two, four out of my seven cats were using the wheel--three of them on their own, without a laser or any other inducement (including one cat who's overweight). I would not have believed it!

Cat Lover: Arlene, Feb 3, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

well worth the wait

I was a kickstarter backer and while the wait to receive the wheel was long, it was worth it. I found the assembly to be a little harder than the video let on but it is pretty solid. I'm quite impressed with the quality of the wheel. Two of my four cats love the wheel. I used a laser pointer to entice them. Once they developed their running rhythm they started flying. It rolls smoothly on the wheels. There is no wobble. I have my wheel on a carpeted floor and its very stable. All in all, it is a great product at a fantastic price.

Cat Lover: shawna lenz, Jan 25, 2015

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

can't wait

Super excited and can't wait to get my cat's wheel! My Bengak mix will love it I think

Cat Lover: Kay, Sep 5, 2014

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Kitty Health!

Congratulations - and much respect to you for keeping our Kitties HAPPY HEALTHY & FIT x x x

Cat Lover: Stephanie L, Aug 12, 2014

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

2 Cat Home

Can't wait to get ours. Sloop Cat and Bloo are going to love it!

Cat Lover: George O, Aug 12, 2014

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Vinny is (im)patiently waiting

Vinny is driving me nuts. He keeps staring at his pretentious timepiece & marking off days on the calendar like a prisoner on RIKER'S Island. I keep telling him that patience is a virtue, but he's not buying it... nor is he renting. He wants his wheel, NOW... lolz!

Cat Lover: John R, Aug 12, 2014

Product: Cat Exercise Wheel

Improved Her Disposition

She (Danny) runs every day, multiple times a day. Everyone comments on how much it has improved her disposition in the house.

Cat Lover: A, Aug 12, 2014


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Reviews About The Wheel

Vinny is driving me nuts. He keeps staring at his pretentious timepiece & marking off days on the calendar like a prisoner on RIKER'S Island. I keep telling him that patience is a virtue, but he's not buying it... nor is he renting. He wants his wheel, NOW... lolz!

John R. on Facebook

Can't wait to get ours. Sloop Cat and Bloo are going to love it!

George O. on Facebook

Congratulations - and much respect to you for keeping our Kitties HAPPY HEALTHY & FIT x x x

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