Turbo Tower

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Product Design Story:
Before design began on our newest product, we had to understand what makes a great climbing tree. We started with the best items currently available in this category and noted the pros and cons based on customer feedback. We used that information in conjunction with our expertise to come up with a list of essential design elements for our tree. We also considered the instinctual behaviors that needed an outlet in order to create the perfect climbing and scratching solution for our indoor cats. Once we had our list, we narrowed it down to the top three most important elements in each category. 

Design elements that must be included:
1- It must have an appealing surface texture. The rough texture of sisal makes it easy for cats to dig their claws in and get an effective scratch.
2- It must be tall. Your cat needs the ability to get a full stretch when scratching.
3- It must be stable. Your cat must feel secure when climbing and the product must hold steady when they are scratching.
Instinctual behaviors that must be provided for:
1- Why cats scratch: Cats scratch for a variety of reasons ranging from exercise for muscles and stretching their limbs to an emotional release and marking their territory.
2- Why cats climb: Climbing allows cats in the wild to escape into trees for safety or to lie in wait for prey. Climbing has a survival value that has become hard-wired in our cats.
3- Why cats prefer to be up high: For an indoor cat, a perch is the perfect spot to keep an eye on potential prey activity happening outdoors. In the wild, staying in a high location provides cats with a better vantage point to spot prey and predator alike.

After months of testing and numerous prototypes, we are extremely excited to offer the Turbo Tower. Our next high energy cat product that helps cats burn energy and gives them the chance to do what they were born to do… climb, scratch, perch, and play. It is the perfect complement to our One Fast Cat Exercise wheel.
-A low profile, solid steel base weighing 20lbs. keeps the tower stationary and still
-The tower rises 52” high (4’3”), giving cats the ability to get a full stretch when scratching and a surface area made for climbing
-A replaceable, reversible sisal carpet sleeve creates the perfect surface for climbing and scratching. If one side starts to look a little worn, just unzip it, flip it and you’ve got a brand-new surface.
-The rough texture of natural sisal makes it easy for cats to dig their claws in, get an effective scratch and gives amazing  grip when climbing
-The high perch gives your cat a place to survey their territory, offers them a safe place to be left alone, and encourages climbing    

One Fast Cat: Striving to make a difference...
The vast amount of cat trees on the market are made as throw-away products. Once they are worn, or a part breaks, they are expected to be thrown in the garbage. Planned obsolescence, is a deceptive practice used by companies to intentionally reduce the lifespan of consumer products. They purposefully create products to wear out, fatigue, or just plain stop working so you have to buy more. 
As part of our company-wide "Better Products, Better World" initiative, we build all our products to last as long as possible. We design and engineer our products to be over-built, extremely sturdy, and have replaceable components on the places that get the most wear and tear. The core structure of our Turbo Cat Tower will last a long time. Our natural sisal carpet scratching and climbing surface gets the most wear, so we’ve designed it to be usable on both sides giving it an extended life. Once it is finally exhausted, we offer sisal replacements providing ongoing use at a minimal replacement cost.