Cat Exercise Wheel - Gen. 6

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The One Fast Cat® Exercise Wheel (Gen. 6) is designed for indoor cats to unleash their wild side and improve their well-being. This treadmill for cats is a safe and fun outlet for excess energy. The exercise wheel helps cats burn more calories and build muscle, while also allowing them to run free, whenever and for as long as they want. By encouraging an active lifestyle, the exercise wheel reduces stress and anxiety levels, leading to less destructive and unwanted behaviors. The sixth generation is made in California using non-toxic recyclable materials, and features a sturdier and quieter design. Protected by U.S. Patent 10,182,555.

Safe Indoor Exercise

Ideal for small spaces.

Weight Control

Burns excess energy and builds muscle.

Reduces Anxiety

Prevents boredom and decreases stress.

Ergonomic Design

Plenty of room to run.

Made in California

Designed and manufactured in Camarillo, CA.

Recommended Pet Weight
Up to 22 lbs
Running Surface
135" Circ. x 11" W
Assembled Weight
28 lbs
Assembled Dimensions
48" L x 12" W x 50" H
Recyclable ABS Plastic
Base Panel Bar
Traction Pads
EVA Foam
Physical Benefits
Plenty of Room to Run

Cats thrive on movement, and daily exercise is essential to their well-being. Watch them zoom, spin, and play to their heart's content while increasing their physical and mental stimulation.

Mental Benefits
Purr-fect Outlet for Pent-up Energy

Tired of late-night zoomies and scratched furniture? The Cat Exercise Wheel reduces stress and anxiety levels, leading to less destructive and unwanted behaviors.

Light and Easy
Quick Assembly

Experience the ultimate blend of convenience and comfort. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel offers effortless assembly and a feather-light design, ensuring a seamless setup and relocation, giving your cat the ultimate exercise experience.

Local & Sustainable
Made in California

At One Fast Cat, we are committed to designing innovative, environmentally friendly products that not only benefit our community but also the environment as a whole.

Run Wild Together

Frequently Asked Questions

All kinds of breeds have shown interest in the cat wheel! We've received many videos of different kinds of cats on our Facebook page. Some of the breeds in the videos are Bengals, Savannahs, Persians, Sphynx, Siamese, and Munchkins. We've also received plenty of videos with mixed breed and rescue cats that have taken to the wheel, so it isn’t restricted to specific breeds. Please note that regardless of age and breed, almost all cats will need at least some training in order to learn to use the wheel.

There are two factors to keep in mind when considering the wheel for your cat:

The first one is the energy level of your cat. If they have a moderate to high energy level, the wheel will offer them a good outlet for expending some of that energy, and they’ll be more open to trying it out. An example of moderate to high energy is if your cat is inclined to race through the house in short spurts or if your cat engages in a lot of play with other cats, pets, or children in the house. Low-energy cats can still be trained to the wheel, but expect to spend more time training them on it. They may also be less inclined to use it on their own. 

The second thing to consider is the trainability of your cat. A good way to test your cat’s trainability is to see if you can get your cat to repeatedly jump up and down from a chair using a toy or a treat as an incentive. Another indicator is if your cat can anticipate needing to do specific things to receive a reward they want. For example, if they know that they need to go to a specific spot to eat at a certain time of day or act a specific way before receiving a treat or new toy. These are indicators of a cat who is capable of learning how to be trained.

There is no set time period for how long it will take a cat to start using the wheel; every cat is unique and will respond on their own time to training. In most cases, you should expect to spend at least 1-2 weeks acclimating your cat to the wheel and getting them used to moving on it before they’ll start using it on their own. Low-energy or stubborn cats may take longer. In rare cases, typically with young, high energy and high-curiosity cats, you may see results within the first few days. However, it is important to note that this is the exception, not the rule, and there’s no need to feel discouraged if you aren’t seeing results right away. For the best chances of success, make sure you can commit to training your cat for about 5-10 minutes each day for at least a few weeks before purchasing the wheel.

We designed the wheel for cats up to 22 lbs, and have tested the wheel with 25 lb weights. The wheel proved remarkably stable and had no problem supporting the weight. With that said, we do recommend sticking with the limit of 22 lbs if possible, just to be safe. If you are concerned about the length of your cat, we suggest consulting with your vet who will be familiar with the size of your cat to compare to the diameter we currently offer.

Heavier-set cats can definitely use the wheel as long as they are under the weight requirements. It may take a little more effort to get them using the wheel, especially if they have a lower energy level than most cats. The key is in the training and making sure that the reward they are receiving is worth the effort until they start to realize how much they can enjoy the wheel without an incentive. Patience and consistency with your training routine are a must!

We've seen quite a few customer videos of heavier-set cats using the wheel, and we've also received email feedback from a couple of customers who have been tracking their cats' weight. Within about a month's time these customers found that their cat had lost between 1-2 lbs. When they took the cat to their vet, the vet also noticed a change in size.

Keep in mind that for a cat to lose 2 lbs in one month, it means that they have lost 10% of their body weight if they average around 20 lbs in size. Every cat is different, with different activity levels and metabolism, so not all cats will lose as much weight in that same time period. You will also want to keep an eye on their waist and their general shape. They may start to get leaner in appearance before the scale starts to reflect the change in weight. Keep in mind that using the wheel will also help build and define muscle mass, so your cat’s weight may not change dramatically, even as they start to look more streamlined and fit. While we cannot guarantee a specific amount of weight loss, the increased activity will help improve the overall health and mental well-being of your cat.

The cat wheel can be cleaned by taking it outside and spraying it with a hose or wiped down with a wet towel. Foam traction pads are replaceable and do wear with use, depending on how much your cat runs, will determine when they should be replaced.

The traction pads are like big stickers, making it easy to remove them. Simply locate the seam of one pad, grip the edge, and then peel it up and away from the plastic. However, if it's been on the wheel for a long time and doesn't want to release its hold on the plastic, then the best thing to do is to heat the pad with a hairdryer set to low or medium heat (try not to get the plastic itself too hot, as it can start to soften and warp under extreme heat). The warmth will loosen the adhesive and allow the pad to come free. If the pad is mostly just chunks at this point and you can't grab them easily, just press duct tape down over the spots, warm with the dryer, and then peel the tape up—any foam caught under the tape will come along with it. 

To purchase replacement traction foam pads, visit:
Traction Foam Pads

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