Cat Exercise Wheel - Gen. 6
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Cat Exercise Wheel - Gen. 6

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The One Fast Cat® Exercise Wheel (Gen. 6) is designed for indoor cats to unleash their wild side and improve their well-being. This treadmill for cats is a safe and fun outlet for excess energy. The exercise wheel helps cats burn more calories and build muscle, while also allowing them to run free, whenever and for as long as they want. By encouraging an active lifestyle, the exercise wheel reduces stress and anxiety levels, leading to less destructive and unwanted behaviors. The sixth generation is made in California using non-toxic recyclable materials, and features a sturdier and quieter design. Protected by U.S. Patent 10,182,555.

Safe Indoor Exercise

Ideal for small spaces.

Exceptional Stability

Designed for large cats up to 22 lbs.

Weight Control

Burns excess energy and builds muscle.

Reduces Anxiety

Prevents boredom and decreases stress.

Ergonomic Design

Plenty of room to run.

Made in California

Designed and manufactured in Camarillo, CA.

Recommended Pet Weight
Up to 22 lbs
Running Surface
135" Circ. x 11" W
Assembled Dimensions
48" L x 12" D x 50" H
Assembled Weight
28 lbs
Recyclable ABS Plastic
Base Panel Bar
Traction Pads
100% Formamide-free EVA Foam
Physical Benefits
Plenty of Room to Run

Cats thrive on movement, and daily exercise is essential to their well-being. Watch them zoom, spin, and play to their heart's content while increasing their physical and mental stimulation.

Mental Benefits
Purr-fect Outlet for Pent-up Energy

Tired of late-night zoomies and scratched furniture? The Cat Exercise Wheel reduces stress and anxiety levels, leading to less destructive and unwanted behaviors.

Light and Easy
Quick Assembly

Experience the ultimate blend of convenience and comfort. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel offers effortless assembly and a feather-light design, ensuring a seamless setup and relocation, giving your cat the ultimate exercise experience.

Local & Sustainable
Made in California

At One Fast Cat, we are committed to designing innovative, environmentally friendly products that not only benefit our community but also the environment as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any breed of cat can take to the wheel! Active breeds like bengals, sphynxes, and savannahs will often take to it the fastest, but we’ve seen plenty of other cats use it too, from Munchkins to Ragdolls to mixed breed cats and rescues. It isn’t so much about the breed as it is the energy level of your cat and the amount of training you put in.

There are two factors to keep in mind when considering the wheel for your cat:

  1. Energy level: Cats that like to run through the house, climb every surface they can reach, and are constantly looking for ways to play and entertain themselves are considered mid- to high-energy and will take to the wheel most easily. Cats that prefer to sleep most of the day may take longer to train or may not be inclined to use the wheel on their own. 
  2. Trainability: Curious, playful cats that can be encouraged to do simple tasks (such as jumping on a chair for a treat or with a toy) will be easy to train to the wheel. If your cat has no interest in this kind of play, it may be very hard to get them interested in the wheel.

Every cat is unique, and training time will vary depending on their energy level, interest, responsiveness, and the consistency of the training. On average, training typically takes 2-3 weeks for cats that have no prior experience with a wheel. Stubborn or low energy cats are likely to take longer. For the best chance of success, make sure you can commit to training your cat for about 5-10 minutes each day for at least a few weeks before purchasing the wheel.

The wheel is designed to hold up to 22 lbs, so it can accommodate most big cats. Exceeding this weight limit is likely to cause faster wear on parts and may compromise the base’s integrity. This item is not intended for use by larger pets or by children.

Heavier-set cats can definitely use the wheel as long as they are under the weight limit. It may take a little more effort to get them using the wheel, especially if they have a lower energy level than most cats. The key is in the training and making sure that the reward they are receiving is worth the effort until they start to realize how much they can enjoy the wheel without an incentive. Patience and consistency with your training routine are a must!

Once your cat starts using the wheel regularly you’re likely to see some weight loss, but this can be offset somewhat by muscle gain. Even if your cat’s total weight doesn’t drop dramatically, they'll become visibly leaner and more fit as they burn off excess fat.

The cat wheel can be cleaned by taking it outside and spraying it with a hose or wiping it down with a wet towel. Foam traction pads will wear down over time and can be replaced simply by peeling off the old ones and sticking on new ones.

Yes, the foam traction pads are meant to be replaced periodically. They function like big stickers, so all you need to do is find the seam between two pads, grab the edge, and peel it up and off. If the pad doesn’t want to come off easily, warming it up first with a hairdryer will help loosen the grip of the adhesive so that you can get it off.

To purchase replacement traction foam pads, visit:
Traction Foam Pads

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