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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2016):
I have three cats and thought this wheel would be ideal for them. I purchased it just over a month ago. I spend time with them and the wheel every day. My 5 yr. old, 12 lb. female watched/helped me assemble the wheel. I was amazed because she is the cautious one. She took to it and walks for about 10 seconds and then stops. Then she stretches and claws the foam padding. She loves the feel of it. Do not expect the foam padding to stay smooth or last. Just yesterday I heard the wheel going and discovered she was taking a 10 second stroll on her own. I am hoping she will walk on it for longer than 10 seconds at a time. My 15 lb. 8 yr. old cat is curious. He comes up to it and has stood on it and taken a step or two. I am hopeful. My third cat (17 lbs., long and lanky) and sibling of my female would not come near it for days. He comes closer now and has jumped through it, but not gotten on it. He watches his sister closely.

I had the wheel come off the track like another reviewer mentioned. I thought the cats bumped it, but my cats are long legged and long in length. If there is a suggestion for adjusting the tracks, it certainly would be good to know and should be included in the videos and set-up instructions.

So... it has been a month. One out of three cats is using it for about 10 seconds at a time a couple of times a day. I spend time each day with the cats and the wheel. The jury is still out on if the other two will use it and if the one using it will use more than it is being used now.