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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2015):
First of all, I was one of the initial orders so some things may have changed.

First, the parts that need improvement: The product came packed in a way which damaged several (3-5, I forget) of the track pads as well as indentations on the wheels. The wheel indentation seems to have gone away, and all damage was caused by the underside of the track being presses against it. Since then, the tracks came off some (the ones which were creased) and the wheels are becoming worn. There is white wheel dust against the inside of the track which demonstrates rubbing, and this has caused additional friction on the wheel movement.

Now for the good stuff... While I had hoped the exercise wheel would get my overweight Bengal running, he won't get on the thing at all. I underestimated his timidity and overly sensitive temperament. His skinny brother though? All about it. He sprints on the thing, tail all bushy. I even had to put the wheel in the garage so he could run until he was happy without the noise at night. Now when I go near it he jumps on, meows, and starts sprinting. He loves to show off, but the occasional treat may be part of it too...

Overall, I really like the product and it has been a great conversation piece... Almost an instillation art piece for when my friends are over. I'll keep working on the fat one. He will run eventually.