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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Review (submitted on May 1, 2015):
Once I had successfully assembled her One Fast Cat exercise wheel on Sunday afternoon (April 26th), my cat Cleopatra (Cleo) was intrigued, but still not quite sure what to do with it, no matter how many treats or different toys were used to entice her. Besides having put two paws on the exercise wheel the day it was assembled and set up, the most she would do afterwards was to sit on it for short periods three days in a row. However knowing not to pressure her about it and to be patient as well as understanding, I was confident that she would eventually take to it, given the time to do so. It also proved to be very important to continue engaging and playing with her without the focus being on the exercise wheel as well.

After being enticed by a different toy yesterday morning (Thursday), Cleo was amazing herself with what it was like to saunter and run, almost effortlessly, on her exercise wheel for the first time and was enjoying herself quite a bit. Taking breaks here and there, she would return to the wheel for yet another jaunt. She had even nearly broke out in almost a full gallop at one point, but decided not to overdo it all at once. There were also times when she was not really focused on the toy any longer either, so I would pull it away and only bring it back when it helped her to refocus.

What was the toy?: Had simply cut a short piece from an overstretched belt cord off an old pair of sweatpants. Like most cats, she took to it rather easily of course, most likely due to the novelty of it. It was either that or, if need be, I was tempted to purchase a laser cat toy.

This morning I awoke just prior to 4:00 AM (ET) and soon after Cleo could be overheard using the exercise wheel on her own, sauntering off and on for brief spurts and taking short breaks in between. This continued for a time after I arose from bed as well. She was no longer as interested in the cord as much, at least not this morning, save for when playing with it independent of the wheel.

Suffice it to say that, while keeping in mind about how careful and proper assembly of it is a most essential element of course, both Cleo and myself are extremely satisfied with the One Fast Cat exercise wheel and therefore we highly recommend it to other cats and their human caretakers.

It is most definitely worth the investment made in its acquisition.