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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2015):
I bought the wheel crossing my fingers and hoping that it wouldn't be a waste of money. To my satisfaction, my cat took less than a day to get used to it and begin using it on his own without any incentive. Granted, he still runs faster with incentive (toys as he doesn't care at all about lasers for some reason). He IS a Bengal though so he had a higher chance of accepting it than most cats.

Assembling the wheel was work, but manageable. I am 5'1" and weigh 95lbs and was able to do it (with some huffing, puffing, and sweating) by myself. A rubber mallet would have been useful, but I was too eager to put it together to take the time to go to the store and get tools.

The wheel is definitely more stable on hard flooring compared to carpet, but I have mine set on carpet and it is only a little wobbly when my cat is running on it (he's pretty large; 17 pounds all muscle).

The assembly video was wonderful and I wish every product came with video instructions like that. Much easier to follow than paper instructions.