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The One Fast Cat Wheel is a uniquely engineered enrichment device. Due to its size and construction it cannot be resold if returned to us. We also believe every cat deserves their own new wheel and the ability to "make it their own". Cats or other animals may mark the wheel when it is in their home. This can cause avoidance or behavior challenges if this same wheel is then sent to another home. The Golden Cat Rule applies in all returns. Do unto another pet parent or pet companion as you would to yourself.

Take time to review the features of the wheel and whether you have the time to train your cat. Some cats take to the wheel immediately while others like to go at their own pace and prefer additional training time. The process for integrating your cat to the wheel could take several months. We have heard stories where the pet parent has spent a couple months training and has just about given up when suddenly the cat starts using the wheel. Sometimes this occurs in the middle of the night or when the pet parent is in the other room and not looking. As we all know, cats have a mind of their own!

Only an unused and unassembled wheel in the original box can be returned. There is a $50 restocking fee and return postage is not included.

Unused wheels can be returned to us within 30 days. To return an unused wheel you will need to obtain an RMA from our contact us form.

Wheels that have had the foam traction pads applied cannot be returned

One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

If part of your product broke during assembly, simply send us an email requesting a replacement part. We send out free replacement parts for all products up to one year after purchase, but won't replace items due to normal wear and tear. This covers defects as well as anything that breaks during assembly. Send those emails to here.

To request a replacement part send us an email with the following info:
1) Your order number.
2) Product the part belongs to.
3) Name or description of the part.
4) Attach a photo of the damaged part.

Cancel An Order

If you need to cancel an order that hasn't yet shipped simply contact us as quickly as possible. The faster we catch it, the easier it is on our team. Please submit a support form here and select "Cancel/Change Order" as the inquiry type in order for your request to be caught in time.

We reserve the right to change these policies at any time and without notice. Please check this page for updates to our return, cancellation, and warranty policies.

We cannot guarantee a successful cancellation or order change, but if you contact us before 2 PM EST (11 AM PST) on the same day the order is placed, we can usually accommodate the request. Requests received after that time are usually too late for us to catch in time, but we will still make the attempt.