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There have been more and more tests showing that cats kept inside can become bored and develop cat depression and other psychological problems. These issues can present themselves in many ways such as destroying furniture or not using litter boxes. In field testing our cat wheel has proven to not only enhance the physical well-being of our cats but altered their disposition to be more relaxed and calm.

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A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and without a stimulating environment, cats—especially indoor cats—get bored quickly. That's why we created our One Fast Cat exercise wheel. The wheel gives cats a safe outlet for energy that would otherwise manifest in destructive or unwanted behaviors, like clawing at the furniture, racing through the halls, or harassing their humans. Being entirely cat-driven, the wheel needs no batteries or power source, and it can be used by the cat without any assistance. Some training will be required—cats do not have a natural instinct to run on a wheel—but once your cat learns how to use their new toy, they'll hop on it throughout the day, usually going for a quick sprint or two every few hours.

In addition to burning off excess energy, the wheel can help burn off extra calories, too. It may take a bit more time and dedication to get a chubby cat running on a regular basis, but once they do, you'll start to see them slim down into their more svelte selves. A One Fast Cat exercise wheel is an excellent tool for keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Our cat wheel design is more advanced than any before it:

  • Smart industrial design allows it to ship or retail in a very small box (34"x12"x12") & weight is: 24 lbs
  • This design also allows for it to be assembled extremely quickly for home use
  • Sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around
  • It is made of recycled plastics
  • Run surface is made from a closed-cell EVA  foam to prevent claws from catching and allowing cats to run naturally using their claws for safe footing
  • Can be cleaned by taking it outside and spraying it with a hose or wiped down with a wet towel
  • Open design so cats can enter from either side
  • NEW - Roller Blade Wheel Covers included free of charge!
  • 48" diameter wheel
  • 34" x 12" base


Before purchasing, please take a moment to confirm that the wheel will fit in your residence and that you have the time to train your cat to it. Most cats require 1-2 months of training before they will take to the wheel, and not all cats will use the wheel on their own. We cannot guarantee that your cat will use our wheel, but consistent training will help most learn to love it.

If you wish to make a return, please note that only an unused and unassembled wheel in the original box can be returned. Wheels are considered assembled once all pieces have been put together and the traction pads have been applied. There is a $50 restocking fee and return postage is not included.

If the wheel arrives with broken or defective parts, there is no need to return it. We offer replacement parts free of charge under our warranty, and all you need to do is send in a photo of the affected parts to receive replacements. If you opt to waive the warranty and return the wheel instead due to broken or defective parts, the standard return policy applies.

Unused wheels can be returned to us within 30 days. To return an unused wheel you will need to obtain an RMA from our contact us form. Wheels sent back without an RMA or in a box other than the original will not be accepted.

We reserve the right to deny refunds to any wheels sent back to us that do not meet the above conditions.


Additional Information:

Weight: 22 lbs

Height: 51 inches 

Width: 48 inches

Depth: 12 inches

Customer Reviews

Great so far but really strong smell when first out of the box. Review by Suzanne
Just new, got it a little while ago and finally got it together, not that it was hard, it was easy and VERY easy with the video that is offered. I did find it had a strong smell at first so just put it up and let the cats get used to it being here and letting it air to reduce strong smell. Although I will say, I have had four cats already check it out and even had one of them moving it on first try as he was really interested in it. Thank you. There is ONE cat in my house that knows all about the wheel so waiting to have her find it LOL. (Posted on 5/8/2019)
Give it time Review by Onyx & Human
When i ordered this, Onyx was more interested in the box. Once assembled, we practiced daily for a few weeks - I put the wheel by a window, since I thought maybe Onyx would feel like he was chasing birds. He showed no interest in his wheel, even with treats. If I spun it, he stopped it. (Maybe he just didn't understand?) So I decided not to force it, and we both ignored the wheel for a few months.

Then I had my condo painted, and had to move the wheel. It was right up against the closet one night, and at 3am, I woke up to a strange sound: Onyx on his wheel!!! I was so excited, and we practiced the next day. He took right to it. Now, it's a regular occurrence for him between 3-5am.

I think the key (for Onyx, but maybe other cats too?) was having it as close to a wall as possible. Onyx will now happily get onto and off of his wheel; sometimes he walks, sometimes he runs. I'm so thrilled he's using it and that he really seems to enjoy it. It took time, but it was worth it. His play aggression is better on the days he runs on his wheel, too. That's a nice bonus! (Posted on 4/30/2019)
jury still out Review by yaya
Still trying to get my cats to use the wheel. Have viewed all the videos tried both treats and toys. Still nothing. Will keep trying. (Posted on 4/22/2018)
Good Product, Great Company, Lots of Fun!! Review by Marien
The first wheel apparently had a defect that One Fast Cat had no control over. The company immediately offered replacement or refund. I chose replacement and I'm glad I did. The second wheel was relatively easy to assemble and, following directions how to introduce the wheel to cats, my first cat to introduce took to it and by the second try had it mastered. I hear her in the other room during the day and night walking or running the wheel. Another cat or two will soon be instructed. GOOD PRODUCT, GREAT COMPANY, LOTS OF FUN!! (Posted on 4/20/2018)
Miles and Miles of Fun Review by Stu's Human
It's a hit! Paws-down, the best cat toy in the house for our youngest and most energetic cat, Stuart. After a few days of training and getting used to the wheel being in his living room, Stu now uses the wheel regularly. Your assembly video and your training video are very helpful. We trained Stu with the laser pointer. Before he knew it, he was chasing the red dot onto the wheel and spinning away. The design, execution, and assembly of the One Fast Cat Wheel is excellent. Fantastic product. Stu says 5-stars...(he's running on it right now as I'm writing his review). (Posted on 3/24/2018)
It Takes a Little Time But.... Review by Laurie Simba
Simba is now going on the wheel all by himself, without the laser. We had to use the laser in the beginning to get him on the wheel, but now after a week, we hear the wheel begin to spin out of nowhere and discover Simba on it, trying to get a comfortable pace going and learning balance. Great wheel once we got the non-defective pieces. Great customer service! (Posted on 2/23/2018)
cat exercise wheel Review by Kim
Well it took some time but finally I have one of five using the wheel the rest look on. Hopefully soon they will join. (Posted on 10/15/2017)
Cats love it! Review by Margie
We have a male and female 6 month old Bengals. The male was getting into everything and from the moment the easily assembled wheel was up they both have loved it. It has provided lots of entertainment for everyone especially when they get on together. My husband figured they would not use it but they start their day on it, are on it numerous times throughout the day and on it just before they settle down at night. We love the wheel! (Posted on 9/21/2017)
Great toy Review by Cat dancer
My high energy cat LOVES his wheel! The boy has so much energy he needed an outlet for all of it. This is the perfect toy to keep my baby busy and fit. (Posted on 9/11/2017)
She loves it! Review by Roberta
It took one day with a laser pointer to get my cat to try it, and now she uses it frequently without the pointer. I often hear her upstairs doing her workout many times throughout the day. She seems fascinated by the leopard pattern as it moves--I would recommend that over the solid. I believe it helps that she is a very young cat so took to it quickly (my older still just sits to the side and watches her on it quizzically). (Posted on 7/29/2017)
It works fine, My cat's enjoying it Review by Eugenia
The wheel was pretty easy to assemble, but the plastic had some smell, so we decided not to push our cats until the smell would go. And it did, after a week or so. Meanwhile, the cats got used to the presence of the wheel in our family room.
I started getting the cats inside the wheel by offering them treats, teasing with a laser and so on. It didn't work, to be honest. But one day, our older cat (2 years) started rolling the wheel - first, with his front paws, and then with all four legs. I rewarded him with treats, but even without treats, the cat seems to enjoy the wheel - he is extremely proud of himself - he was the first cat who figured out how to run there, and the other two (they are usually quicker and pick new things first) were watching him running in a sort of shock :)
All and all, the wheel works fine, and my cats are very happy with it. (Posted on 6/1/2017)
Fantastic & Fun for my Highlander kittens! Review by Jane H.
This is the best money I have spent on my Highlander kittens. As soon as I had it fully operational on the floor the kittens (3) were trying it out. I really did not have to show them much to get them going....took to it like a bee to honey! Highlanders are a high-energy breed so this vigorous running is great to build their sleek muscles and expend all the extra energy they have. They sleep longer at night and do not want to hang out in my antiques as much! They are only 7 months old but I expect them to use this as long as they are able. I really think they like to show off their prowess as I come near...when they see me approaching they jump on the wheel and begin to lope on it. Two of them are actually learning to run together. A beautiful sight to watch...really shows off the grace of your cat!!! (Posted on 3/31/2017)
A hit! Review by Arlene
By day two, four out of my seven cats were using the wheel--three of them on their own, without a laser or any other inducement (including one cat who's overweight). I would not have believed it! (Posted on 2/10/2016)

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