About One Fast Cat

We're a company of pet lovers and business people in beautiful and sunny Central California. Always looking for ways to make pet's lives easier, our founder Sean Farley began developing a new kind of cat wheel. His goals were to make this new wheel affordable for cat lovers all over the United States (for now) and keep the cost of shipping down as well.

He succeeded! This final rendition of the cat wheel design is extremely low weight and ships in a small box. You'll be surprised when it arrives!

We used every tool at our disposal to create a functioning wheel, and went through 5 prototypes before reaching a satisfactory design. Needless to say we logged many hundreds of hours in Solid Works and the 3d printer. The effort was worth it. This product is rock solid and we're very excited to be presenting it to you now!

The Kickstarter campaign helped us realize just how important the Cat Exercise Wheel is to our customers. Within 7 hours of launching, we raised 100% of our $10,000. Then in just 30 days we went over 3,000% beyond our goal to raise more than $320,000. We are very grateful to all of our initial backers, and are also incredibly enthusiastic about offering more smart cat products to our customers.


To all of you, from all of us

at One Fast Cat - Thank you!

Danny, or model Bengal cat.



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