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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Review (submitted on September 13, 2017):
One day and already have a 5mth old kitten a pro at using this, he runs on it like crazy and not much into sharing it with the other cats! have 10 cats in total and don't expect them to take to this for awhile, if ever with some but, did get another big boy who needs the exercise to actually start using this too tonight which i was shocked for he is skittish. i found going inside wheel with my legs on outside and putting cat between my legs and keeping my hands lightly on their side while encouraging them helped put a couple of the cats at ease and they are now checking it out.

anyhow,, was pretty easy to put together and took less than 30mins to do so. putting top ring unto it was hardest part at first until i realized pressing down with my palm while pressing bottom part inwards with my fingers made it quite easy to put on. Ours doesn't squeak and 3 out of 4 wheels spun quite easily with 4th having slightly more tension to it but, it didn't affect movement of wheel at all.

my complaints: the traction leopard/cheetah pads i received contained one with 1/8" white border long ways on it and therfore doesn't match rest of them! also i think these pads are kinda cheap, not even a day and they are already showing wear and tear from mostly one kitten running on wheel. my other complaint or rather dislike is the outside of the wheel, looks tacky and an eye sore and i guess that is why we see no pics of it, thinking somekind of covering pad could of been made for it so it looks better in homes.