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Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Product Review (submitted on June 13, 2017):
Your product (“One Fast Cat”) vastly exceeded our expectations.

1: Whereas the competition were heavy and in the $400 to $900 range, yours is light and around $200. In terms of durability yours is terrific; in terms of appearance yours is the best; in terms of quietness of operation (if correctly assembed, which means getting over some minor deficiencies in the assembly-video) yours also is terrific (not clunky-sounding when the wheel is spinning, such as I would have expected); so, in all ways, yours is probably the best by far, and is also certainly the least expensive by far, and is therefore the only intelligent choice — vastly the best-value on the market. One doesn’t expect the least expensive to be also the best quality, but it certainly is the case here.

2: Yours is accompanied by an excellent assembly-instruction-video online. The only flaws I recollect regarding it are that there should have been some camera-close-ups in several stages of the assembly, and some warnings of things to double-check at various stages, in order to show crucial construction-details that one needs to understand in order to avoid potential snafus or suboptimal assembly.

3: When we received ours, there was a defect on one of the pads (and also a minor defect on another of them) that is to be attached to the treadmill-area; and, so, since those pads are fragile, I would advise you to include at least one or two extra ones in order to reduce greatly the possibility that the user will run into any problem. We were able to overcome the problem, but there should be at least one extra pad, so as to reduce the likelihood. (I am presuming here that each pad costs you only pennies.)

The planning and intelligence and integrity that went into your product are extraordinary. We would unqualifiedly recommend your product to anyone who wants a cat-treadmill.

We haven’t yet (it’s now a week out) gotten even one of our four cats to actually be using the device, but we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly anyway, and, if it should turn out that none of our cats ever will use it, then we’ll happily donate it to the local humane society, animal shelter, because we donate to them anyway; and, regardless, this $200 would probaly produce far more cat-happiness there than it would here; so, we’d be happy to do that.

All success to you; you certainly deserve it!!!