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Cats in Cubes - Single Kit

Cats in Cubes - Single Kit

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2016):
I was in need of something that would allow my cat somewhere to sleep, but also place his food up high enough that my dogs couldn't eat it. He's large enough that most cat trees are too small, too large for my room, or way too expensive to work. I decided to take a chance and buy two kits, and I have to say that after a week, I'm very pleased, and so is my cat. He's over 20lbs, so he's not a dainty little thing, and the cubes support him jumping on and off of them better than I expected. They do sink in a tiny bit, but that's to be expected with the type of material the panels are made of (a thin, but durable plastic). The soft little pad provided has no way of sticking to the frame, so it's best in an enclosed space to keep it from sliding around. I happened to have some velcro laying about, so I used that to give my cat a plush pad up top to sit on while he eats (and sleeps, apparently). The hammock...I didn't even try. That's not going to hold my cat, but I didn't buy it for that. The scratch pad is okay. Again, nothing to keep it in place, so it's probably not a good idea to place it like they have in the picture unless you can secure it. There are not enough open frame pieces. Two per kit?? My guy barely fits in the circle pieces, so I would prefer to use open frame pieces in a lot of the interior spaces to give him lots of room. At least one more per kit would be good. The last thing I want to mention is assembly. It's really your decision on how you put it together, and there's not really any instructions, so I would plan how you're going to place things beforehand. Once you get a cube or two secured, it's a royal pain to go back and make changes. If a corner piece pops out of place, it's almost impossible to get it back in without completely disassembling and starting over.

Overall, my cat is very happy with this product, so I'm happy with it. I'd be interested in buying again for sure.

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