Replacement Parts

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  • Replacement Traction Pad

    Replacement Traction Pad

    Kit contains 9 pads to make a complete set. Replaces the traction pads included with the Cat Exercise Wheel.
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  • Wheel Covers

    Wheel Covers

    Is it time to accessorize your cat's exercise wheel? This set of 4 small roller blade wheel covers will conceal the support wheels and make the large wheel look even sleeker than before.
    Wheel Covers are included on all new wheel purchases free of charge. If you are purchasing a new wheel, you do not need to add these covers to the cart.
    This is currently for only Second Generation wheels. To determine if your wheel is First or Second Generation, look to the roller blade wheels. All Second Generation roller blade Wheels are black. We are in the process of creating a retro fit for First Generation wheels to make covers available to them as well. Learn More
  • Replacement Side Track

    Replacement Side Track

    These small but crucial parts make up the two outer rings of the Cat Exercise Wheel. If one of these parts is broken, it can cause a wheel to wobble or roll improperly. When ordering Replacement Side Tracks, we highly recommend ordering 1 or 2 units more than you need. If one of the replacements breaks during installation, having a spare could save you a week's worth of shipping time.

    These parts are for Generation 4 Wheels only. They will not work on 2nd or 3rd generation wheels. Learn More
  • Replacement Center Track

    Replacement Center Track

    These parts make up the running floor that your cat walks on while using the wheel. It's a sturdy and crucial part of the Cat Exercise Wheel. Learn More
  • Rollerblade Wheels

    Rollerblade Wheels

    Sold in sets of 4. These roller blade wheels are the base that the Cat Exercise Wheel rests on. They're made of a soft material that can be worn down over time as your cat runs on the wheel. It's important to use roller blade wheels as the soft material is very forgiving and absorbs any bouncing motion caused by pouncing paws. Learn More
  • Base Panel

    Base Panel

    Sold in multiples of 1. For a complete base replacement, please order 2 panels.
    These Base Panels host the Rollerblade wheels and are responsible for holding up the Cat Exercise Wheel. Functional and undamaged Base Panels are essential for an easy spinning wheel. Learn More
  • Aluminum Bar

    Aluminum Bar

    This Aluminum Bar holds together the base for the Cat Exercise Wheel. This part is rarely damaged, but is included for sales because we all know "life happens". 2 hand tight t-screws and washers are included for attaching the bar to the base panels. Learn More
  • Base Replacement Kit

    Base Replacement Kit

    This kit contains everything needed to assemble a brand new base for the Cat Exercise Wheel (minus the 6mm Allen key). Learn More
  • Sold in packs of three.

    Cats in Cubes – Replacement Scratcher (Set of 3)

    Does your cat like to scratch? Replace existing used up scratchers with this set of three cardboard scratch pads. Learn More

9 Item(s)