Cats in Cubes, Gray (3 kit)

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New and improved 14 x14 x 14 inch size per cube..

Cats in Cubes DIY modular cat furniture provides the ultimate playground for your cat. With multiple configurations, you can customize the best layout for your cat and can even connect additional kits to create a giant cat play-house. Cats in Cubes has a sturdy metal frame and the cubes are made of durable plastic surfaces that can easily be cleaned with a wet towel. Cats in Cubes is lightweight and easy to move, yet sturdy and stable up to 40 lbs. It is easy to put together and no tools are needed for assembly.

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A single kit of Cats in Cubes comes with 3 beds,3 scratchers, 15 circle portals, 33 solid panels, 6 metal frames, 54 regular connectors, and 6 3D connectors. It can make up to twelve cubes, with each built cube measuring 14"x14"x14". Windows are 12" in diameter and can accommodate most cats.

Each kit of Cats in Cubes has the following features:

  • A totally customizable configuration to fit any space
  • Easy assembly with no tools required
  • Sturdy and stable up to 40 lbs per cube
  • Simple maintenance—fur and dirt can be wiped from the plastic with a damp towel
  • Additional kits can be added to form even larger and more complicated structures; feel free to get creative!

Customer Reviews

I've tried all manner of cat towers and furniture and shelving units--and there's always something not quite good enough about t Review by Amazon Customer
I have 10 cats that I've rescued, and a relatively smallish house. That being said, I strive to provide ample verticality for my kitties so their anxiety levels are low and they always have places to hide and perch and lounge. I've tried all manner of cat towers and furniture and shelving units--and there's always something not quite good enough about them. Either they're made out of cheap carpeting fabric and fall apart too easily, or they're wobbly and unsturdy, or they're just ugly, or they're too bulky.

I bought a set of three of these cats in cubes, and I was immediately impressed with how sturdy they were once we put them together. I also LOVED how many things there are for the cats to do. Hammocks and scratch pads and things like was an immediate success with my cats. Even my hefty boys that are over 11 pounds, found that they could jump and climb and hop around and perch on and in these cubes. The material is solid, the connectors are sturdy and the accessories are of a high quality (my brood of 10 kitties can typically shred a cat tree/tower in like a couple days if it's not high quality, so this is definitely a testament to the quality of this product).

So I ordered another set of three. I can honestly say I will likely order a few more sets of 3 in the near future, because the modularity of these things is intensely useful for smaller housing situations!

If you're on the fence about this product--trust me, it's amazing. (Posted on 9/12/2017)
This creative twist on cat furniture is fantastic. First of all Review by SRV
This creative twist on cat furniture is fantastic. First of all , it comes with beds, hammocks, and scratchers! My 3 cats are having a blast with it. It was really easy to put together (no tools). The pieces fit together without much trouble and its really sturdy once everything is connected. We actually had fun putting it together. I chose not to follow any directions and built a construction that fit the space I had designated for a new piece of furniture. I decided to build mine 4 levels high with staggered platforms on each level. My cats love going in and out of the different entrances, popping out on different levels and lounging on the top of it. I put mine near the window so they could look out and see the crazy squirrels around my house. It didn’t take long for this to become the favorite spot in the house. So far my cats have gotten great use out of the beds and cardboard scratchers (my cats love cardboard!). I would highly recommend this product to single or multi cat homes and I can be certain that Kitty, Lucy, and Sammy would recommend this as well. I bought the gray version which fits the decor of my house perfectly. Excellent product! (Posted on 9/12/2017)
Great Idea! Fun for both people and cats. Review by N. Lam
A truly novel cat structure idea. My cats love it and we had lots of fun designing a u inquest space for them.
We built a tunnel up and over our piano that now looks more like a cat castle. It seems light weight and I wasn't sure how strong it would be but my two large cats are very comfortable in it and it supports them well. They are 15 and 17 pound cats. They have each claimed a level as their own now and sit in it all the time.
We are wanting to buy more now and continue the structure in more directions. Very fun for people that love to create their own design :)
(Posted on 9/12/2017)

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